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Police Director General Anton Olaj replies to former Minister Boštjan Poklukar: The police are less repressive; the security situation is better!

Anton Olaj (Photo: Polona Avanzo)

By: Luka Perš /Nova24tv

“Your “assessment” of “systematic” repression of citizens cannot be accepted. This is not true. In terms of confidence, this is expected and currently fluctuated due to the pandemic exhaustion of the population as a result of the protracted public health crisis. The police are now more accessible than before and less repressive, and the security situation is better,” the Director General of the Police, Dr Anton Olaj responded to the accusations of the former Minister of the Interior Boštjan Poklukar about the situation in the police, and added that it would be welcome for Poklukar to be more objective in his assessment.

Former Minister of the Interior in Šarec’s government Boštjan Poklukar wrote in the record, among other things, that in the last year the Slovenian police have lost a large part of their trust due to the systematic repression of citizens. Due to all this, the action in the epidemic was all too often disproportionate and excessive, wrote Poklukar. Do not forget to add that all this was pointed out by “civil society” and “profession”.

The Director General of the Police, Dr Anton Olaj responded to the record of the Šarec’s Minister of the Interior. According to him, less coercive powers have been used recently, but there have been many warnings in maintaining public safety. The mainstream media, the left wing opposition parties, like to point out that the representatives of the Slovenian police use too repressive means against the participants in Friday’s illegal protests. However, anyone can look online at the work of the police in core countries such as Germany and France. There, police regularly used all means to disperse the protesters. The protesters themselves in these two countries faced much stricter police work than in Slovenia. Likewise, during the term of the current government, the police did not prevent freedom of expression and the right to freedom of assembly and association. Police, however, cannot be blamed if most countries around the globe have found themselves in the worst health epidemic of modern times. The measures to contain the epidemic were more or less similar in all countries.

Poklukar could first mind his own business

In the record, the former minister in Šarec’s government hinted that the work of the police was at its lowest point so far during Slovenia’s independence. Olaj accompanied him with another piece of information that there has never been such a positive mood in the police as there is now, “as shown by the correctness of the management and organisation of work processes.” Poklukar’s record turned out to be another politically written pamphlet.

Poklukar’s text is more reminiscent of the work of the Police during his term. Several irregularities occurred during his tenure. He also got involved in an unpleasant affair, in which representatives of the Police looked at the files of some well-known Slovenian politicians. In the show Tarča, the then president of the SD, Dejan Židan, said that this was the biggest affair in the history of Slovenia, if the allegations turned out to be true.

The unsuspecting son of the president of the SAB, Alenka Bratušek, was caught in “Poklukar’s” control “at traffic control”. Poklukar was covered by the decision of the Information Commissioner Mojca Prelesnik and swept the affair under the rug. But Boštjan Poklukar is diligently silent about this.

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