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Pikalo wants to talk about the “deterioration of democratic standards” in Slovenia, but he forgets that it was him who cheated the decision of the Constitutional Court on the financing of schools!

(Photo: archive of Demokracija)


Jernej Pikalo, former vice-Prime Minister and former Minister of Education, Science and Sport, posted an extremely manipulative tweet in which he tried to link the fact that Toplak (CRPD; Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) and Rupel (OVSE; Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe) were not elected with a letter and tweets of Prime Minister Janez Janša. After he already embarrassed himself by slandering Janša’s letter, he is now trying to convince himself that there is something wrong with the “letter” after all.

Jernej Pikalo, former vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Science and Sport, cannot overcome the shame he left when he recklessly attacked the Prime Minister, Janez Janša, because of his “letter”.

With the hope of convincing us that he was right about the letter after all and despite the whole “core Europe” leaving him alone in his belief, he now published an extremely manipulative tweet. The tweet needs to be taken to pieces and teach students what it means when a former Minister of Education abuses his solid rhetorical skills to mislead the public.

What is manipulative in this tweet? Let’s break it down, piece by piece:

  1. Where did Pikalo get the causality between the letter and tweets of PM, and the failure of Toplak and Rupel?
  2. What is Demokracy and what are the standards Pikalo talks about?
  3. Where did Pikalo get the link between the letter and tweets of PM, and deterioration of democratic standards?
  4. For the sake of arguing, let’s suppose that Pikalo is right about the third point, that he proved point 3…Then, at most, this means that democratic standards, if by that we mean balancing power between government and people, create problems for European institutions that have not chosen Toplak and Rupel.

We already accustomed to the fact that leftists are skilled in rhetoric and verbal manipulations, but much worse in argumentation. Additionally, we are accustomed to the fact that they often like to preach to the quire from imaginary, underserved moral pedestals. As if they were better than those who criticise them in a way of framing them. They frame what they do themselves.

When did democratic standards begin to deteriorate?

Democratic standards did neither begin to deteriorate overnight nor did they begin to deteriorate with the current government. The current government has begun to draw attention to them and started reacting to them. Recall that Pikalo is not as innocent as a lamb and he already has a rich history in terms of deteriorating democratic standards of controversial acts or events in which he was involved.

As a minister he promised and with this promise deceived that he would eliminate discrimination against children in private schools, which he never did. We assume that it would be easier for him to keep the promise if were not also for Catholic children. As a minister in Šarec’s government he was late with his report to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

Otherwise, if we are being honest, we cannot expect anything more from someone who is ready to abuse children in such a disgusting way in his manipulations as Pikalo: “It is a kind of irony on its own that the National Assembly confirmed hundreds of millions of investments in the army right on the World Children’s Day. The new armour and rocket launchers are clearly more important to the leaders than tackling the growing inequality among children as a result of the pandemic.”

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