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Operation KUL: the role played by the trio Han, Odlazek, Vesel

Martin Odlazek, Matjaž Han and Tomaž Vesel (Photo: STA/Najdi.si)

By: Sara Kovač

Not long ago, the director of Nova24TV, Boris Tomašič, revealed in his show “Kdo vam laže” that he had obtained exclusive information about a certain group of people who were trying their best to overthrow the government of Janez Janša. In doing so, he revealed the names of the operatives of the deep state, who are working to enthrone economist Jože P. Damijan as the new Prime Minister. In addition to the president of the failed Zares party, Gregor Golobič, former secretary of the Zares party and ideologue of the extreme Left Bogdan Biščak and Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković, Tomašič revealed the following three people: SD parliamentary group leader Matjaž Han, media tycoon convicted of fraud Martin Odlazek and president of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel. One of the sources revealed to us that Han, who is otherwise considered a good acquaintance of Odlazek, is allegedly intensively working on overthrowing the government and forming a new one.

It has been known for a long time that media tycoon Martin Odlazek and MP Matjaž Han are on good terms. According to one of our sources, Han even helped Odlazak financially. Furthermore, there is a connection between Odlazak and the President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, Tomaž Vesel. The fact that Vesel and Odlazek know each other was confirmed even by the Court of Audit: “The acquaintance of President of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel and Mr. Odlazek originates from their life in the countryside in Šentvid near Stična, where they both spent many years.”

Han is an important factor in the story

Boris Tomašič pointed out that the leader of the SD parliamentary group, Matjaž Han, was, out of the public eye, leading the story of the takeover and the return of the left to power in a very sophisticated way. “They are not interested in who will be Prime Minister. They do not care what kind of real power they will have as long as they are taken care of.” Tomašič reminded of Han’s connections with Petrol. According to him, Han is “a very important factor in this story and should not be overlooked.” Tomašič went on to name media tycoon Martin Odlazek, a former convict of fraud who owns a number of magazines, newspapers and radio stations, as one of the key actors, at whose premises the deep-state operatives meet.

Transitional tycoon Odlazek is considered a strong link in the chain – through direct ownership of various companies and his management influence, he controls the majority market share in the radio activity on the market of the Republic of Slovenia  Basically, the Slovenian radio market is controlled through two radio networks or media groups, namely Media24 and Infonet media. In this way, Odlazek has direct or indirect control over companies that own as many as 18 radio stations, which translates into a 60% market share, which is a prerequisite for a dominant position. Infonet media d.o.o. and Media24 are the joint owners of the following radio companies: Radio Aktual, Radio Celje, Radio Veseljak, Radio Salomon, Radio Krka, Radio Ptuj, Radio Aktual Kum, Koroški radio, Radio 1, Radio 3, Radio Antena, Radio Belvi, Radio Kranj, Radio Maksi, Radio pro 1, Radio Robin, Radio Triglav and Radio Urban.

Vesel is responsible for the report of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia

Let’s remember. When Tomašič revealed the names of the operatives of the deep state, he drew attention to President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, Vesel. Tomašič noted that Vesel would be the one, ensuring that the report of the Court of Audit burdens the Minister of Economy and President of SMC Zdravko Počivalšek and the current government. This was allegedly used to pressure Počivalšek to leave Janša’s government together with the SMC party. Had he done so, they would overlook everything they “had” on him. Vesel is not only  friends with Odlazak, he is also friends with Čeferin, and in some circles they are even supposed to think of him as a possible future Prime Minister.

During the increase in COVID-19 infections in the second wave of the epidemic, the story was announced that a professor at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Jože P. Damijan, as an independent expert, had compiled a program and invited Tanja Fajon, Marjan Šarec, Alenka Bratušek and Luka Mesec to participate and told them: “Make me Prime Minister, because I have the better program and we will do it, and we will take over the power, and convince those few members of Parliament, whose votes we are missing.” Many of those, who do not believe everything at the first glance may have guessed that the main part of the story, which includes the work of deep-state operatives who are interested in the change of government, is missing.

The SD party does not hide its desire to change the government in the slightest, especially not the party president Tanja Fajon, who advertises almost on a daily basis that it is necessary to overthrow the current government. Although we have started to face an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections, the SD party, with the exception of the former party president Dejan Židan, did not call for respect of the measures. They rather focused on the so-called constitutional arc coalition. As information has recently appeared in the public that a certain group of people is behind the change of government, who wants to appoint Jože P. Damijan as Prime Minister, we addressed the following journalistic question to the leader of the SD parliamentary group: “We are interested to know whether it is true that out of the public eye, you meet with people like Gregor Golobič, Drago Kos, Bogdan Biščak, Martin Odlazek and others?” In response to the question, Han stated that he does not meet with the mentioned people.

If the statements of the source who revealed to us that Han was allegedly intensively working on overthrowing the government and forming a new government are true, much more can be expected. The Han-Odlazek-Vesel triangle has considerable power in its hands, as does the other deep-state operatives, which were exclusively revealed by Tomašič. So far, despite the dire situation in which we have found ourselves at the expense of the epidemic, we have witnessed protests (even quite violent ones), obscene offers to MPs, threats and bribes. Soon, we will reveal new connections between the key actors in the KUL coalition operation.

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