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Not KUL (cool) at all: The Ethics Commission of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana found out that Jože P. Damijan had violated the principle of integrity!

Jože P. Damijan (Photo: STA)

By: Sara Kovač/Nova24TV

This is not KUL (cool) at all. The president of the LMŠ party, Marjan Šarec, the leader of the SD party, Tanja Fajon, the president of the SAB party, Alenka Bratušek, and the coordinator of the Levica party, Luka Mesec, consider economist Jože P. Damijan as the most suitable person for the position of prime minister in this really difficult time, even though the commission of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana found him guilty  of violations of the principle of integrity. He was reported by Dean Metka Tekavčič, who is otherwise considered an influential member of the SD party.

Interestingly, now the same Jože P. Damijan, together with his wife Sandra Damijan – to whom Drago Kos, partner of a POPTV editor Tjaša Slokar (later married Kos), was a wedding witness when she became Mrs. Damijan – lectures on integrity all across Slovenia. Sandra Damijan even invited the infamous and legally convicted Bine Kordež to a round table on integrity. The Damijan couple market their studies and thoughts on integrity through the company Grant Thornton – they are co-owners of the Slovenian branch of the company. Through this company, Damijan also invoiced Šarec’s LMŠ over 18 thousand euros for his services, the Siol portal reported a few days ago.

Tekavčič reported Damijan to the Ethics Commission at the faculty seven years ago, in 2013, when he conducted a study for the largest individual owner of Ljubljana Airport, Publikum, for money – that was transferred into a private account, past the public faculty, which gives salary to him and his wife. In the study he found that the construction of a new terminal at the Airport would be financially unjustified.

Tekavčič, otherwise an influential member of the SD party, stepped on his toes at the time because he commented on the study, which he conducted in his private name and for his own private account, in front of the building of the Faculty of Economics (EF) at University of Ljubljana. To put it bluntly, the study he produced and for which he received money directly at his private bank account or at the bank account of his company was promoted under the EF brand in front of the EF building, where he was also filmed for one of the televisions. When the German Fraport later bought the Airport, it immediately built this terminal.

On Monday afternoon, the unethical Damijan, who was hired by the LMŠ party as revealed by Siol, and his supporters will try to convince everyone how KUL (cool) they are. Mesec and the Levica party are always talking about the importance of the public and how the private must not profit at the expense of the public. In the case of Jože P. Damijan, they spat on their principles because they support the only person in the history of the Faculty of Public Economics who, according to the EF Ethics Commission, violated the principle of integrity by abusing the brand and name of the EF public institution and making a profit for himself and his company.

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