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Nina Krajnik is also in the race for President of the Republic; she will run with the signatures of voters

By C. R., STA

Lacanian psychoanalyst and philosopher Nina Krajnik is also running for president. As she explained, she decided to run because she wants to heal Slovenian society. She will run with the support of voters, and her main goal is to recognise and connect the diversity of individuals.

As Krajnik pointed out at the press conference, her main goal is the politics of the singular, within which she wants to recognise and allow for the diversity of individuals and connect them. In Slovenia, in her opinion, individuals are often “labelled” which creates a rift between people.

She will run with the signatures of voters. She stressed that she is not a member of any political party. “Of course, I will be happy if any party identifies with my ideas or recognises them as their own,” she said, explaining that she has not yet talked to any of the parties about support.

She will initially finance the election campaign herself, but she is also counting on the possible support of entrepreneurs. She is currently running the election headquarters by herself with the help of political communication consultant Sebastjan Jeretič. She will be assisted in collecting signatures by activist Vili Kovačič, who also attended a press conference and publicly supported Krajnik’s candidacy.

Among her more prominent supporters is also lawyer Peter Jambrek. The latter, she said, “opened her eyes to the candidacy”. She also made the decision based on conversations with other individuals.

Her candidacy is also supported by lawyer Tone Jerovšek, ski jumper Lovro Kos, physicist Bojan Kambič, entrepreneur and musician Pavle Okorn, Nataša Elvira Jelenc from the Slovenian Oncology Patients’ Association, and Gabriela Babnik, president of the Women’s Committee Mira of the Slovenian PEN Centre.

Nataša Pirc Musar, a legal expert, was the first to officially announce her candidacy for the presidency at a press conference last Thursday.

As expected, the candidate of the Gibanje Svoboda party will most likely be the party’s vice-president Marta Kos. Members of the Gibanje Svoboda will discuss the party’s candidates at the afternoon digital congress.

Among the possible candidates are former Prime Minister Miro Cerar, former Foreign Minister Ivo Vajgl, and Kočevje Mayor Vladimir Prebilič.


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