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Minister Logar and MEP Tomc dealt with the emptiness of KUL and Golob

Tomc / Logar (Photo: archive Demokracija)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

“When I came to Mladika, I found out that we have blunt, if not broken, relations with all our neighbours. It took quite a bit of energy to be able to re-establish good relationships. It is in our interest to have good relations with our neighbours,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Anže Logar in yesterday’s confrontation on RTV Slovenia. MEP Romana Tomc agreed with this in a confrontation on POP TV and, among other things, taught the president of the Gibanje Svoboda party, Robert Golob, that he obviously does not know what fascism means and explained why the use of Twitter is also important.

Pre-election confrontations between parliamentary parties took place on national RTV and commercial POP TV on Monday. Minister Anže Logar, Jernej Pavlič from the SAB, Matej Tašner Vatovec from the Levica, Jožef Horvat from the NSi, and Matjaž Nemec from the SD confronted their opinions at the national level, while Romana Tomc from the SDS, Tanja Fajon from the SD, Marjan Šarec from the LMŠ, Alenka Bratušek from SAB, Robert Golob from Gibanje Svoboda, Jernej Vrtovec from Nova Slovenija, Alojz Kovšca from Povežimo Slovenijo, and Luka Mesec from Levica had a confrontation on POP TV.

“I do not know why we would call the improvement of relations with Croatia a circus. This is also an insult to the other interlocutor,” Logar from the SDS was critical in the confrontation on public television, adding that Croatia is one of the most important economic partners. “It is our neighbour and one of the most important political partners in the region.” About the current project, he said that all solutions are on the table for now. When something is concretised, it will also be presented at the Foreign Policy Committee, he reassured, adding that the main goal is to enforce the arbitration agreement and, of course, good relations with the neighbouring country. While Vatovec and Pavlič claimed that Prime Minister Janez Janša was allegedly using foreign relations for domestic political purposes, Horvat reminded that the Foreign Policy Committee in the National Assembly had adopted two resolutions after the 2017 arbitration. The first is that arbitration is binding on both countries. The second is that the government should conduct an intensive dialogue with Croatia. “It is only now, these two years, that this dialogue is taking place. However, the opposition reacts like the opposition and forgets the facts,” he added in a sign of criticism.

Slovenia’s foreign policy is not based on profit, but on the protection of human rights

“I listen to three representatives of the opposition with views that hurt me as someone who swears by human rights. Mr. Pavlič, Slovenian foreign policy is not mercantilist, based on profit, but based on the protection of human rights. How can anyone raise the issue of the market and trade before killing innocent civilians in Ukraine,” Logar said, adding that as long as he is Foreign Minister, he will not do so. Asked when the aggression in Ukraine will end, he heard when everyone will get something, he asked where Ukraine will get something. “It is just losing. It is losing innocent people, civilians, losing territory and houses built by clans. Will the opposition sit at a joint table with Putin?”

According to Logar, the previous government had a motto: when we are in government, we will be. Period. “And the current government has the following motto: when we are in government, we will take concrete measures. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the team, we immediately formulated a key message of active diplomacy. The first task in our mandate will be to do everything we can to end the slaughter in Ukraine.” According to Logar, all means must be used here. “Sanctions against Russia must be stepped up here, and at the same time Ukraine must be helped in all possible ways,” the Minister was clear.

NGOs in the European Union deal with social problems

Also, last night on POP TV they prepared a new confrontation between parliamentary parties and parties to which public opinion polls show the best results. Robert Golob, the president of the Gibanje Svoboda party, was also among the participants, but he was completely thrown off track by Romana Tomc, an MEP from the SDS. Golob was constantly interrupting Tomc and performing unusual facial expressions. Among other things, Tomc explained to Golob that he likes to use the word fascism, but in reality, he probably does not even know what it means. In this case, apart from facial expressions, Golob still lingered, but when Tomc touched on the Institute March 8th, it was completely different.

Namely, Tomc said without mincing her words that non-governmental organisations in the European Union are dealing with social problems, the environment and social issues, while according to her, the Institute March 8th is obviously a political organisation. “That is why they need to be silenced. Is that not fascism? With the police”, Golob interrupted Tomc and continued that the current government will silence political activists with the police. Of course, Tanja Fajon from SD also had to join Golob. Despite this, Tomc remained completely calm and told her interlocutors that the SDS is subject to the same laws. This provoked a cynical smile with Golob, and Tomc explained to him that the law clearly states how someone can behave in the election campaign.

“The people in Hungary have decided what kind of leadership they want. We want good cooperation with everyone in Europe, in the world, with those around us. We respect everyone, we are currently dealing with our elections. We respect the decision of the sovereign nation and congratulate every winner,” said Romana Tomc, MEP, regarding the re-victory of Viktor Orban in Hungary. Among other things, she said that we are in a market where investors from Hungary, the Czech Republic, the USA, and any other country can enter. “Slovenia will cooperate in foreign trade with those who make the best offer, regardless of where they come from,” she was clear.

Tomc taught Golob about using Twitter

Golob was critical of Twitter use. “Living in a parallel (Twitter) universe can mean losing touch with reality. Therefore, I will not comment on the Prime Minister’s statements from Twitter, because this is a toy for adults who do not want to communicate differently,” he said. Tomc did not remain quiet and told him that those who have the media really do not need Twitter. “You will find it difficult to communicate with other Prime Ministers because everyone has Twitter. Even the Pope has Twitter,” Tomc was clear.

According to Tomc, the government acted immediately, intervening in the field of fuels, electricity, helping households and the economy. “It will also be so in the field of energy. The EU will also act on common fuel stocks. In this crisis, the government has proven to be operational and responsive.” Regarding the burning housing issues of young people, Tomc said that if young people were asked, they would also like to own apartments, not just rent them. “In the SDS, we offered them this opportunity with the bill on the housing guarantee scheme to pay the purchase price instead of the rent. As a guarantor, the state will enable them to get a loan,” she said, recalling that the government had helped all people during the crisis, including the economy, to be where we are today. “Slovenia has become a very successful country. If we continue on this path, we will continue to take care of people, companies and reduce the development gap,” she emphasised.

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