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Logar’s announcement to fight Janković (face of corruption) for the position of mayor has triggered a wave of enthusiasm

The announcement on Facebook that Dr Anže Logar would run for mayor of Ljubljana has triggered a very positive response from the public as Zoran Janković has held the position since 17 November 2006. Janković is far from being a moral authority given the final indictment in the Stožice matter, the affair with the pharmacist, the indebtedness of Ljubljana, and many other things, so it is not surprising that people long for a change that would contribute to a normalisation of Ljubljana.

There have been many enthusiastic Twitter posts: “This year I want to celebrate Christmas in a Ljubljana without Zoran Janković.”; “It’s about time that this barn gets cleaned up … and that Ljubljana becomes the most beautiful, most successful city that all Slovenia can be proud of”; “Let’s get together now, the right and everyone who wants Ljubljana to become a decent European city, not an excavation pit.”; “Great news! Anže Logar is running for mayor of Ljubljana. Ljubljana will finally get an honest and intelligent mayor.”

He is considered one of the most diligent deputies

The fact is that the positive response to Logar’s candidacy is not surprising since he is considered one of the most respected deputies and has distinguished himself with his committed work as president of the commission of inquiry to determine the abuses in the Slovenian banking system and to determine the causes and responsibilities for the already second rehabilitation of the banking system in independent Slovenia. Announcing his candidacy, Logar wrote that he had entered politics with sincere intentions and always remained confident that change can be achieved. “I know it’s possible. You just need to persevere, have energy for work, never give up and maintain a reasonable measure of optimism. I’ve entered politics because I want to prove that it’s also possible to change things for the better honestly.”

Mayor is not short on offences

Even though there are 9 pre-litigation procedures pending against Janković and even though he has been accused of taking bribes, extorting a female pharmacist for sexual favours, causing a bank liquidity gap due to the controversial construction of a stadium and many other actions connected to his family affairs and debt write-offs, he announced his candidacy for the fourth consecutive term as Ljubljana mayor. This would never be overlooked in a normal country, neither by judges nor by voters, but things are different when it comes to Janković since he has the regime media on his side, and they have constructed a narrative of success around him. They of course “forget” to report on the trouble with the court – last week it was reported that the indictment against Janković had become final.

Behind his mask, Janković brags that he has turned Ljubljana into the most beautiful city in the world, even though he has been focusing his attention to the centre while neglecting the other areas of the city. Excavation pits, half-finished buildings, the railway and bus station, half-finished Stožice stadium, occupied Rog factory, this is also Ljubljana. Janković, who has already responded to the candidacy of Logar, has said that he expected his candidacy and that it will in no way influence his plans and campaign. According to Janković, the SDS party has decided to put forward the second biggest name in the party as candidate for mayor, and he added that Logar is only a big name within the party. “And the people of Ljubljana are too knowledgeable and will recognise empty platitudes,” the long-time mayor of Ljubljana said according to STA. He added that he himself does not promise what cannot be realised. He also announced that the campaign will not be boring since there is no one who knows Ljubljana better than him.

Even though Janković denied that the final indictment in the Stožice matter would spoil the pre-election atmosphere, the fact is that it is now on the people of Ljubljana to decide whether they want the face of anti-corruption or if they want to continue looking at Janković (face of corruption), who mocks everyone with his behaviour and immunity.

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