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Kordiš lashed out at the leadership of the Levica: You blew 100 thousand euros!

By: Moja Dolenjska

The Levica once again failed to secure a seat in the European Parliament in Sunday’s elections. The entire party gathered only slightly more votes than Zala Tomašič from SDS did on her own with preferential votes, making them, along with the Gibanje Svoboda party, one of the biggest losers of the election.

The result particularly upset Levica MP Miha Kordiš, who accused the leadership of wasting 100,000 euros. “30,000 votes for a campaign into which 100,000 euros were poured is a defeat. Bigger than the shock from the last parliamentary elections, where much stronger external factors were at play. You only throw that much money into an election if you are going for a seat in the EU Parliament. It makes no sense to bury your head in the sand, talk about ‘stable support’, ramble about phantom tactical voting, and console yourself with percentages,” he wrote on Instagram.

He further elaborated his opinion: “Let’s put it in numbers. 3.3 euros per vote is by far the most expensive election result. SDS spent 1 euro per vote, GS 1.7 euros, NSi 2 euros, Vesna 0.71 euros. Moreover, other parliamentary parties mostly held back based on their capabilities and are thinking about the parliamentary elections. The Levica went all in with all possible resources. If the ratio between the resources invested by the Levica and the established centre was 1:2 or 1:3 now, it will be 1:10 in the National Assembly elections, which will significantly impact the election result.”


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