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In the far Levica party, they are making fun of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks

By: Matej Markič / Nova24tv

A few days ago, on the 20th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda Islamists, which claimed nearly 3,000 lives in the United States, the whole world sympathised with the people of the United States, Mesec’s Levica party published a short article on its website entitled “20 years after 9/11”, which was a slap in the face of all those killed in the horrific terrorist attack. At the same time, they again drew attention on the day of the exit from NATO, even though Slovenia’s membership in it was voted on in a referendum.

While it was clear to all of us that human lives do not mean much to members of the fanatical Levica party, no one thought they would have stooped so low as to gloat over the civilian victims of terrorist attacks. But that is exactly what happened a few days ago, when they published an article on their official website in which they showed their extremely contemptuous attitude towards the nearly 3,000 human lives that were lost when al-Qaeda terrorists with hijacked planes crashed into the US Pentagon building in Washington and the World Trade Center in New York 20 years ago. Levica party thus tried to relativize the victims of the 9/11 attacks and reduce the tragedy of the event itself by first bringing to light data on the alleged 800,000 people killed in the so-called war on terrorism, and then stated that what American politicians and the military had been doing around the world for decades had happened in the US on September 11th, although not by any stretch of the imagination, no one can recall any instance in which US politicians or the army hijacked civilian passenger planes and crashed into a building in a suicide operation

They go on to trivialise the terrorist attacks by claiming that the United States responded to it “with even more intense war devastation in the wider Middle East, leaving behind hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, simmering civil wars, and even more severe economic and social destruction of the region.” At this point, it becomes clear to anyone who knows at least the events of the last few decades that the Levica party has no idea about history, because if they had, they would know that the US response to 9/11 was not an attack on the Middle East, but action against the Taliban in Central Asia Afghanistan, which has little to do with the Middle East. In doing so, they constantly repeat phrases about the so-called “American imperialism”, while categorically rejecting the imperialist policies of other superpowers (e.g. the Soviet Union, the predecessor of today’s Russia, which invaded Afghanistan just a few decades before the US, killing incomparably more people and committing a series of bloody massacres of the Afghan population).

They would connect us to the poor

The article goes on to say that “the victims of the war in Afghanistan are in fact people in the countries of the imperial center, who paid for NATO escapades with trillions (thousands of billions) of euros that could be spent on social development, social welfare, health, science and research, and the fight against climate change at home.” Not only does no one even know where this famous imperial center would be, but such statements are made by eternal students from the Levica party, despite the fact that the member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) are among the most economically developed, socially secure, ecologically conscious, democratic and tolerant, wherein they are also responsible for the remarkable progress of science and medicine. But this is clearly not important for members of this radical eco-socialist current, as they would obviously prefer to withdraw from NATO and join their beloved socialist countries – Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela – which have a truly enviable economy, social protection and health care system, and they are, of course, also distinguished by a high level of democracy and human rights.

They end their series of “wise thoughts” with pompous sentences that the possibility of terrorist attacks will be present “until the resistance of working people and oppressed people around the world breaks the imperialism of the countries of the world center. So now is the time to loudly demand the withdrawal from the NATO pact and its dissolution, an end to the war escapades on the other side of the hemisphere, and an end to subsidising the military-industrial complex.” The first sentence, which is otherwise strongly reminiscent of the vehement Marx and Engels slogans from the Communist Manifesto, again refers to the so-called “countries of the world center”, and although it is not possible to trace from the sea of nebulae of the Levica party that this so-called world center would also include e.g. mainland China (bordering 14 countries, but has territorial ambitions in the territory of 23 different countries, with the policy of the so-called “debt trap” imperialistically expanding its influence throughout Africa, Latin America and much of Asia), it can be concluded that this mysterious “world center” definitely covers the whole of Europe and North America (again, countries with the highest levels of democracy, respect, human rights, health and social security).

But even more than the first, the second sentence stands out, where Mesec and his company call for Slovenia’s withdrawal from the NATO pact. At this point, the worshipers of the Levica party should be reminded that Slovenia joined this defence alliance on the basis of an invitation from George Robertson, the then Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, who invited our country to the alliance at NATO Summit in Prague on November 21st, 2002. The Slovenian government received a formal invitation only a few days later, on November 26th, 2002. But even more important is the fact that a consultative referendum on Slovenia’s accession to NATO was held before Slovenia’s accession to NATO (also to the European Union) on March 23rd, 2003, wherein it should be made clear that the outcome of the referendum was formally and legally binding and unrepeatable. At the referendum, as many as 2/3 of the participants voted for NATO membership which is approximately 673,882 voters (comparable to the number of people who voted against in the July water referendum – 677,119). Any phrases about leaving NATO thus mean an inadmissible negation of the will of Slovenian voters who voted for Slovenia’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in a democratically conducted referendum, which was binding according to all regulations – which means that the Government of the Republic of Slovenia is absolutely obliged to respect its result, – and unrepeatable – which means that it is not permissible to call a referendum on the same issue again. It is interesting that in recent months the Levica party has been extremely vocal about the rejection of the Law on Amendments to the Water Act (ZV-1G) and declared it an “indisputable expressed will of the people”, “people’s distrust of the government”, etc., however, in the case of the referendum on joining NATO, it is now shouting that it should be annulled, despite the fact that about as many people voted for NATO membership as against the water law, and despite the fact that the Slovenian political leadership was united at the time of accession as well as today when it is united on the fact that Slovenia’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance is an advantage and not a disadvantage.


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