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Monday, April 22, 2024

In SDS political party they are for less income tax and higher wages

The SDS parliamentary group again filed in an amendment about the personal income tax bill in the parliamentary process, which aims to ensure higher net salaries for all employees, regardless of the current amount of their salaries. The ruling coalition has rejected the proposal so far, but the SDS insists that gross wages must be tax-deductible, which will result also in higher net wages.

This can be achieved by raising the general income tax credit to an amount, equal to the amount of financial social assistance, received by an adult. Namely, it is unacceptable that the majority of those who work are recognized by the state for a lower not taxed amount (EUR 3.500) than for those who do not work and receive only the financial social assistance (EUR 4.826 per year). The main solution therefore is, to increase the general income tax deduction amount from EUR 3.500 to EUR 4.826. The SDS political party also points to numerous public announcements, about how a family with one or more children can live better if parents decide to leave work and receive only financial social transfers. These are not taxed at all and in general, the family has also many other benefits in this case, which is completely unfair to those people who work.


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