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Hypocrisy of the President of the Republic: Condemning the genocide in Srebrenica, but not the one in Slovenia

By: Andrej Žitnik (Nova24tv.si)

The function of the President of the Republic is once again firmly in the hands of those who are “fucking more”. Musar worked diligently after her election to express gratitude to the former President of the Central Committee of the League of Communists, Milan Kučan, for her election. She participated in obscure partisan processions, visited Dražgoše, selectively attacked right-wing politics while protecting the left. She defended anti-Semites on the MMC portal, which belongs to the public institution RTV Slovenia, even after their anti-Semitic writings provoked international condemnation. However, what will mark her term is the continuation of Türk’s policy of first- and second-class citizens – she will never condemn the killings of those “second-class” class enemies lying in mining pits throughout Slovenia.

On the other hand, the President is easily able to condemn the genocides in Srebrenica. Not only is she willing to condemn it, but when the group Majke Srebrenica posted pictures of mass graves of Bosniak victims killed by the military units of the Republika Srpska (VRS) on Twitter, our President felt a strong need to show the world how noble and humane she is. She quoted the tweet and added: “Brave women. You have my support and condolences.”

The President of the country thus broke with the tradition of Borut Pahor, who visited commemorations each year in memory of the extrajudicially executed victims in Kočevski Rog. There, after the end of World War II, partisan units led by Milka Planinc and Slovenian partisans executed their opponents without a trial.

Clearly profiled candidate

Nataša Pirc Musar is a clearly profiled candidate. She is a representative of the forces of transitional left-wing politics that, unlike in other post-communist countries, managed to survive the implosion of their ideology during the period of 1989-1991 in Slovenia. Accordingly, her behaviour reflects this. While Milan Brglez was predominantly seen at various partisan processions in the first round of elections, Pirc Musar also adopted a similar profile in the second round.

The search for national reconciliation comes to an end

If she had already established herself as an operational leftist, Nataša Pirc Musar has now also ideologically positioned herself in a way that clearly communicates what we can expect from her. She does not emulate Borut Pahor, who sought reconciliation among the people. She is not a president who pays tribute to the victims of both fascism and communism alongside the Italian president. She is the president of influencers, like Zoran Predin, who called Pahor a “traitor”. She is the president of those RTV employees who labelled the Honour Guard of the Slovenian Armed Forces as traitors. She is the president of the association of the Ljubljana caviar-socialist elite (of which she herself is a member).

President of the leftists

Nataša Pirc Musar is therefore not the president of all Slovenes. She is the president of those who, like Türk, divide citizens into first and second class. When she speaks about Slovenia, Slovenes, and Slovenian identity, she only considers these terms through the prism of their own reality. Where they exist – to paraphrase former politician Brane Golubović – “right-wing and normal” people. She is the president of the “normal” people in quotation marks. Others are not worth her consideration. With Nataša Pirc Musar, after two reconciliatory mandates of Pahor, we have once again obtained a president who further poisons an already toxic political landscape.


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