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Germany puts all but one Slovenian region on red list


Germany has expanded its list of international risk areas, travellers from where need to undergo a 14-day quarantine, adding the Slovenian regions of Posavje and Goriška to leave only one Slovenian region out of the list.


As of Saturday, Posavje and Goriška will be on the list together with all other Slovenian regions except the Coastal-Karst region in the south west.

Germany started putting Slovenian statistical regions on the red list on 23 September, and updated it once more at the beginning of October.

Travellers coming to Germany from these regions may shorten their two-week quarantine by producing a negative test for Covid-19.

Germany’s red list is determined by the federal ministries of health, interior and foreign affairs following opinions of the Robert Koch Institute based on the latest incidence data, as well as other criteria.

As of Saturday, all regions of Poland and Switzerland will also be on the list, as well as entire Austria with the exception of the state of Carinthia. Many other countries and regions have also been red-listed by Germany.

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