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France Cukjati in Teharje Memorial Park: Slovenia is still caught up in hatred, exclusion and divisiveness

“Slovenia is still caught up in hatred, exclusion and divisiveness, and we are therefore coming here to preserve the awareness of the origin of the curse that continues to burden the Slovenian nation,” said the central speaker at the ceremony for victims of interwar and post-war violence in Teharje Memorial Park, Former President of the National Assembly France Cukjati.

According to Cukjati, the fateful political exclusion, which had been slaughtered in 1941, reached its new peak in this year’s electoral year. As the Bolsheviks once associated hatred with members of the European Christian culture, so now all left parties have only linked hatred to those who have in some way been proclaimed as internal enemies because they strive for a Slovenian nation and respect for Western European culture.

According to the former member of the SDS, this is an irreversible self-destruction of the nation, since the history of mankind has often proved that exclusion is the cancer of the social organism, which makes the nations perish.

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