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Father of US First Lady, Viktor Knavs, Outside Slovenian Court: “This is Even Worse Than in the White House!”

Father of the US First Lady, Viktor Knavs, sued journalist Bojan Požar for his article “Documents, Tax Evasion: Viktor Knavs, Melania Trump’s Father Went to Jail?!” Knavs is blaming Požar of violating Article 160 of the Penal Code, since the charge against him was allegedly offensive.

In October 2016, Požar in his article reported that Knavs was imprisoned for tax evasion and illicit trafficking. The Reporter magazine wrote that Požar was referring to the documents known as udba.net and to the central alphabetical record of the Interior Ministry from the time of the communist regime.

Knavs argues that he did not evade taxes nor deal with illicit trafficking and that he has never been convicted or imprisoned. Knavs claims that the udba.net documents are incomplete and inaccurate.

Knavs did not want to give any statements to the journalists outside the court. According to the Slovenske novice newspaper, Knavs had to routinely empty his pockets before entering the court and he had to remove his watch. “This is even worse than in the White House,” said the most famous Slovenian father-in-law in the world. Knavs wandered around the capital of Ljubljana without security guards.


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