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[Exclusive] Not only Nemec, Dejan Karba is also anxious because of the alleged involvement in the leak of classified information to the media!

By: Sara Kovač

We have learned from reliable sources that Matjaž Nemec and Dejan Karba were involved in the release of classified information obtained by KNOVS during the unannounced surveillance at NPU and SOVA, and which was first reported on POP TV by Suzana Perman, and presented in more detail in the Dnevnik newspaper by Meta Roglič.

On Tuesday, 3 November 2020, members of the Commission’s authorized intelligence and security oversight group (KNOVS) monitored members at Sova and the General Police Station, where MPs visited the National Investigation Office (NPU). Only a few hours later, POP TV journalist Suzana Perman reported on the content of the surveillance, and a day later, Dnevnik journalist Meta Roglič wrote extensively in her article about all the details of the surveillance, especially those obtained by MPs at Sova in connection with the protest that took place on November 5, 2020

A week later, SDS MPs Anja Bah Žibert and Dejan Kaloh filed a criminal complaint against the unknown perpetrator on suspicion of leaking classified information due to the leak of information that is sensitive to Sova’s activities. At the time, MP Žibert pointed out that this was not only an abuse of KNOVS for political purposes, but also a threat to the operation of the intelligence and security services and national security. Kaloh pointed out that there is no doubt that the unknown perpetrator from the inner circle of five people who were present at the KNOVS inspections released secret information. He also pointed out that there was a fear that the release of Sova’s data endangered Slovenia’s national interest, as they also discussed Thursday’s violent protests and the specific names of the protesters.

As we managed to find out, at one of the previous sessions after the supervision, KNOVS adopted a decision that Sova must prepare an assessment of the negative consequences due to the disclosed classified information in the media. We also learned from reliable sources that in addition to the main suspect for leaking classified information – KNOVS president Matjaž Nemec – Dejan Karba, a member of the Social Democrats and a former Dnevnik journalist, who had fabricated the story that Cardinal Franc Rode has an illegal son and lied about the death of son of Janez Janša, is also anxious. Just before the end of his ministerial term, Jernej Pikalo hired him for an indefinite period at the Ministry of Education.

According to our information, the president of KNOVS, Matjaž Nemec, and SD MP, Dejan Karba, are in regular contact regarding the operation and management of KNOVS. In fact, Dejan Karba often wrote questions to Matjaž Nemec, which the latter asked during inspections at Sova. As we managed to find out, Dejan Karba convinced Matjaž Nemec that members of the American security services in Slovenia intend to act in accordance with the patriotic law at the protests on November 5 and thus arrest individual protesters. Despite the fact that this is not true and not possible, Matjaž Nemec, asked this in all seriousness at the control on Sova, which is why Slovenian intelligence officers laugh at him today and no longer take him seriously.

After the inspection was over, Matjaž Nemec allegedly entrusted all the details of the inspection and released secret information to Dejan Karba, who passed it on to Dnevnik journalist Meta Roglič. Therefore, Dejan Karba, in addition to Matjaž Nemec, can rightly be very concerned about the filed criminal complaint.


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