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Friday, March 1, 2024

Even LMŠ deputy and national assembly vice-president Tina Heferle supports war against economy

A bizarre story is unfolding within the LMŠ party since they apparently do not know what they want. The motley assortment of people in LMŠ has divided into two factions – one headed by Vojmir Urlep, who is convinced that statements from some deputies “will not do anything good in the search for a dialogue and arrangements between politics and the economy”, and a second, which also includes the LMŠ deputy Tina Heferle and seems to agree with the Left party and their declaration of war against Boscarol, Akrapovič and other entrepreneurs. Marjan Šarec, a prime minister without one hour of political experience, is caught in the middle, trying to calm the situation with statements such as: “A war between politics and the economy doesn’t benefit anyone. That’s why it wouldn’t hurt to keep some things to oneself.”

Given that Marjan Šarec’s deputies do not even heed his suggestion for calming down the economists that have been enraged by the Left, we wonder how he will lead his deputies and the government, as he cannot even cool tempers before the real work has started. The split in his party is obvious every day. The statement “personal income from capital and annuities will be included in the base for income tax assessment” from the coalition contract, which caused entrepreneurs and virtually the whole Slovenian public to get up in arms, also speaks for itself. The Left party has added fuel to the fire, particularly Luka Mesec and Miha Kordiš, who have inflamed intolerance against entrepreneurs and encouraged violence, revolutionary violence, nationalisation, which is obviously unconstitutional, with statements such as: “The capitalist extortion of nation states is a textbook example of the limitations of the reformist policies which we fought for in the coalition contract. The solution? Nationalisation.” The SDS deputy Branko Grims warned that “with attacks on entrepreneurs, the left is obviously unconstitutionally inflaming intolerance and encouraging violence”, which is why he has notified the police. It is also interesting to observe the split within the LMŠ party, where some are trying to calm the situation down while others, Šarec’s people, are inflaming the Left even more – also by quoting the leftist mouthpiece Mladina.

The Slovenian Business Club has responded as well – their executive director, Goran Novković, asked Šarec and his little team to “immediately publicly declare their position as key political representatives on the outrageous views and requests of the Left concerning the completely legal actions of our members”. Just hours after this request, the LMŠ deputy Tina Heferle posted on Twitter, adding fuel to the fire by quoting Mladina and Grega Repovž, specifically the article “O boscarolu” (About Boscarol): “We see no reason why taxes on capital gains and annuities should be lower than taxes on income earned.”


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