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Educational program financed by the state teaches the young about the virtues of Islam

By A.S.

A program for youth without finished education PUM-O (Learning project for young adults), which operates within Regional center for development, which is in turn financed by the Republic of Slovenia, pupils in Zagorje region were learning about Islam, and why Muslim prayer is good for the body.

In a regional center for teenagers, financed by the state, pupils were learning about Islam and why the Muslim prayer supposedly has a good effect on the physical body. On their Facebook page, PUM-O Zagorje wrote on the 5th of February: “Yesterday we learned about the faith of the Muslims, how they perceive death, how they mourn, and why their prayer (namaz) has a good effect on the physical body.”

We should ask ourselves if this is an attempt of indoctrination of the youth to become more inclusive toward the Muslim migrants. We can see such indoctrination all over Europe, as the migrations from the Muslim lands are increasing. In the past, the mufti of the Slovenian Islamic community Nedžad Grabuš publicly stated on national television in 2015 that in twenty years most of the Slovenians will be Muslims.


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