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DeSUS MPs are the last defender of democracy against the forces that are destroying this retirement party – Gregor Golobič especially stands out among them

Ficko & Golobič (Photo: STA)

By: Luka Perš/Nova24tv.si

Former controversial director of the state company Slovenski državni gozdovi, Zlatko Ficko, is expected to become the new general secretary of the retirement party at a session of the DeSUS party council. This is a man from the so-called “Golobič’s clique”, who overthrew the former president of DeSUS Aleksandra Pivec, and now it is about completing the plan for the final destruction of the party and the division of voters between SD and SAB.

The majority media presented Karl Erjavec as the saviour of the DeSUS party. After joining the current government, support for the DeSUS party increased due to meeting coalition requirements in the area of retirement policy. Ambitious plans are also ready in the future. In doing so, it is interesting that someone would ruin the work done so far and hand over power to a political option that has done nothing for retirees for a decade, and has pushed them into growing misery.

With the former president Aleksandra Pivec, the DeSUS party has already become sovereign enough to make decisions without “uncles from the background”. As the condition of the sovereign party did not suit Gregor Golobič’s political circles, she was successfully removed due to a few sandwiches and glasses of wine. A new obstacle became the MPs of the DeSUS parliamentary group, who, despite countless attempts of disciplining, “folding their arms”, and intoxicating offers to move to the other side, proved to be upright defenders of democracy and parliamentary functions in the true sense of the Slovenian constitution.

What will follow is the destruction of DeSUS and the dismemberment of electoral votes

Now we come to the role of Zlatko Ficko in this political farce directed by Karl Erjavec and the network of Gregor Golobič. Part of the hard line of the former long-time secretary of the LDS party has decided to take over and break up a solid retirement political party on the Slovenian scene. The DeSUS party has between four and ten percent of the electorate secured in each election. However, all indications are that Golobič and his team thought that it would be better for this share in opinion polls to belong to parties on the left (especially the SAB and SD) and to the new parties being prepared by the transitional left camp for the 2022 parliamentary elections.

The announced projects of Jože Pavlič Damijan and Jure Leben are already two of them. Last year, the so-called Athletes’ Party was already announced by Peter Vilfan. Both Zlatko Ficko and Nina Stankovič were members of Golobič’s party Zares. Do not forget about Golobič’s unforgettable words about Erjavec from 2014!

So now, after several replays, it is clear that Erjavec will enthrone Ficko as the party’s general secretary. With this, however, he signed a political capitulation. In order to alleviate the situation, Erjavec told STA after talks with DeSUS MPs yesterday that they had agreed that four DeSUS MPs would remain in the party. According to him, they also agreed to continue together as a moderate opposition, which means that they will support all those proposals that are in favour of the elderly and retirees.

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