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Despicable! Political analyst of the 24ur portal Alem Maksuti, attacked cycling champion Primož Roglič!

By: P.T.

“Instead of support and T-shirts, we would tell him to return back to Slovenia from the tax haven of Monaco. He should pay taxes here on what he earns by riding his bike. That will be quite enough.” Wrote 24ur commentator Alem Maksuti on Twitter, angering a considerable part of the public.

When we saw the news reported by the Slovenian media today, we really had to read it twice so that we could believe that something like this could even happen. Primož Roglič, in cooperation with a nurse Gordana Brkovič and the mayor of Zagorje ob Savi Mathaž Švagan, employed at the University Medical Center and General Hospital Trbovlje, prepared a nice surprise. He handed out 100 T-shirts with his image and drew a smile on their faces for at least a few moments during these difficult times.

However, the political analyst of the 24ur portal, alem Maksuti, did not like the gesture, so he wrote in his vain post that Roglič should return to Slovenia from the tax haven of Monaco, where he is registered and pays taxes. “This will be more than enough. Instead he sells cheap pathos, and you naïve people applaud just like you did a few months ago for planes flying,” wrote Maksuti, a former football player, recalling the flight of planes, which announced the victory over the epidemic months ago, and then Slovenia was hit by another wave.

Maksuti is a mercenary of the left-wing

Really incredible, how can a person without a hint of compassion or gratitude utter such words as some Alem Maksuti, who basically analyses politics in the sense of “as long as it is not Janša.”? In his columns, he low-mindedly deals with the Slovene Democratic Party and scares with neoliberalism, while promoting extreme leftist ideas that have failed in all their previous attempts. Moreover, the ungrateful Maksuti is a former researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences and regularly appears as a commentator on political topics. However, many people do not know that he has already earned a lot at the expense of taxpayers.

Let’s hope, of course, that Primož Roglič won’t take seriously some of Alem Maksuti’s useless “nebulae” statements, which anyway (just like Šarec) usually shoot in vain!


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