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Caught in the act: The Kos couple and the Bosnian media mercenary Avdić, connected with the Bosnian intelligence service, are once again involved in the attacks on Snežič!

By: Luka Perš

Drago Kos knows no rest. He continues to order new media attacks from the largest commercial media house in Slovenia, POP TV, through his wife Tjaša Slokar Kos, who is the editor-in-chief of the news programme there. In recent months, the tax expert and advisor Rok Snežič has become the victim of new unfounded media discredits that keep coming from the studios on Kranjčeva street. We are revealing the involvement of Tjaša Slokar Kos, Drago Kos, Bosnian journalist Avdo Avdić, and the director of the Intelligence-Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina – OSA, Osman Mehmedagić, in the attacks on Snežič. Due to the media construct, Snežič has already announced he intends to criminally prosecute Avdić.

The deep-seated media apparatus is fascinated by the business career of tax expert Rok Snežič in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In recent months, he has been violently discredited by the largest commercial television station in Slovenia, POP TV. In the latest attack, Snežič was accused of being banned from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to court proceedings against him. On POP TV, they claimed that this happened because Snežič is involved in several lawsuits. Among other things, they also widely reported that Snežič is no longer allowed to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, it turned out that the affair involving Snežić was constructed by the Kos couple, the Bosnian media mercenary Avdo Avdić and the director of the Intelligence-Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina – OSA, Osman Mehmedagić. The latter has a very important privilege due to his position in OSA – namely, he is able to explicitly prohibit anyone from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mehmedagić is also an acquaintance of Drago Kos, and Kos’s wife Tjaša Slokar Kos took care of the media coverage of the imaginary affair in Slovenia.

The article states that in the spring of 2019, the State Investigation and Protection Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SIPA) reported certain citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina for money laundering. According to them, friends of the current Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Rok Snežič and Miran Vuk, were behind all of the businesses in the affair. And all of this was “revealed” by the journalist of the web portal Istraga.ba, Avdo Avdić. In the article, he listed a bunch of names and hinted at the possible money routes. But according to the information we have revealed in our other article about the matter, the whole affair doesn’t hold up. This is just another unsuccessful attempt by the directors of the transitional left, which also activated the Bosnian journalist Avdić.

Bosnian journalist Avdić drank and did drugs with the prosecutor Dalida Burzić
In the past, the Bosnian media outlets have proven with pictures that Avdić and the OSA director Osman Mehmedagić participated in the construction of certain scandals. In September 2020, the media outlet Normala.ba revealed that Avdić’s portal Istraga.ba was only a branch of the Bosnian intelligence service. One of the messages they conferred to the Bosnian public was that when anyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina reported or filed criminal charges against OSA officials, surveillance cameras would quickly be inspected. The reason for this was an anonymous criminal complaint filed against the OSA director Mehmedagić. And Avdić constructed an affair against the Minister of the Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Aljoša Čampar.

As early as 2018, the Bosnian media Dnevno.ba already revealed that Avdić had fabricated an affair about the Chief Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gordana Tadić. As is known, Avdić was in a long-term relationship with the chief Sarajevo prosecutor Dalida Burzić and wrote a hostile article about her after the end of their relationship. According to the Bosnian journalists from Dnevno, Avdić and Burzić were known, among other things, for drinking together in bars in Sarajevo. The journalists also assumed that they were both doing cocaine.

Avdić also uses a similar tactic of playing the victim, just like the journalists in the mainstream Slovenian media do. The Bosnian “mercenary journalist” likes to explain to his friends and colleagues that some people wanted to rape and beat him, but no one would ever touch him. The national television of Bosnia and Herzegovina let him go when they got to know his real character and manner of work. As you will see, Avdić is strongly associated with the terrorist Muslim cells in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

State Prosecutor Gordana Tadić has publicly admitted that influential Bosnians are sending her death threats!
Avdić’s journalistic image is not as innocent as it is often portrayed in the Slovenian dominant media outlets under the influence of the transitional left. The truth was revealed online by a Slovenian expert on the situation in the Balkans, Darko Mršič, who, by the way, is a former member of the SD party. And coincidentally, Tanja Fajon was one of the first Slovenian politicians to share and comment on an unverified story on social networks.

In a tweet, she wrote that Avdić revealed the fact that the state prosecutor Gordana Tadić stayed silent when revealing the criminal fraud of “Janez Janša’s associates – residents of Banja Luka, who were part of the network of money launderers Miran Vuk and Rok Snežič.” In the past, the media outlet has repeatedly reported on the critical reactions of the Serbian media, who revealed the duplicitous nature of Fajon. Mršič responded to her tweet and faced her with the truth. “How do Tanja Fajon and the Bosnian criminal SDA go hand in hand? A collaborator of the Muslim “paraintelligence” officers is preparing an article that tears down the prosecutor G. Tadić (who fears for her life in Bosnia and Herzegovina) for the needs of the SDA,” Mršić wrote.

Mršič revealed Avdić’s modus operandi – he is destroying the reputation of the Prosecutor’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadić with most of his stories. What is behind this, are the interests of influential Bosnians, who want to take control of the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Avdić is the central media “lawyer” and defender of Bosnian crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And the prosecution, led by Gordana Tadić, is compiling indictments for the war crimes of Mujahedin’s, the fake diplomas of influential Bosnian politicians, and the Raspberry-Respirator affair. Given that the media servants of the deep state like to accuse alternative media of insulting the national origin of public figures, we should ask Avdić the same question.

According to Mršič, one of the reasons for the media slander of the prosecutor Tadić is that she is of Croatian origin. Tadić is the last obstacle standing in the way of influential Bosnians who want to take control of the Bosnian judiciary. In the past, Avdić had one of the central roles in the “Mechanic Davor” and “Selefije” affairs, which is why he was questioned at the prosecutor’s office in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019.

The expert on the situation in the Balkans points out that Tadić has previously publicly stated that she does not feel safe because of the political threats of the Bosnian SDA party. Avdić is strongly connected with this party. The situation in Bosnia is very serious, as the President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC), Milan Tegeltija, recently resigned. He stated that he did not want to end up like Jozo Leutar. Namely, Leutar was assassinated in March 1999, because he began investigating mujahedin crimes.

Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant for Avdić
Rok Snežič has proven several times in the past that there is nothing sensational about his business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as opposed to what the bombastic 24ur articles are claiming. Snežič has been operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the last sixteen years and has never been involved in any court proceedings. Therefore, it is clear to him that the Slovenian media, which are in favour of the centres of power, want to destroy him. In the past, Snežič already filed two lawsuits for defamation against Avdić. Avdić never attended any trial, so Interpol issued an international warrant for him.

Drago Kos and his team will apparently use any and all available means in the fight against Snežič. Due to his politically motivated expulsion from Bosnia, Snežič has not been able to have any contact with his child. As Snežič tells us, the Bosnian authorities violated Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The article talks about contact with children. Snežič could be deprived of contact with his children if he was convicted or was serving a prison sentence. But Snežič has never been convicted or involved in any criminal proceedings in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Despite his turbulent past, Rok Snežič claims that he works according to the legislation and rules that apply in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is aware that he is only a chess piece is on the chessboard of the centres of power of the former regime, which is trying to remove him with a higher goal in mind – they want to harm the Prime Minister Janez Janša.



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