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National Security Council about the epidemic and cyber security

On Monday, May 4, the National Security Council (SNAV) convened in “Brdo pri Kranju”, the council was convened by Prime Minister Janez Janša. Within the first point of the daily agenda item “Elements for the preparation of the national SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) epidemic plan”, based on the experience gained in combating the epidemic, they were introduced to the issues of infectious disease legislation plan and the national protection plan and with the state rescue plan in the event of an epidemic and assessed them as inadequate and deficient.

“Therefore, based on the experience of the first wave of the epidemic, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia will prepare an appropriate national plan for second instructions in the direction of clear instructions, draft ordinances, delimitation of competencies and responsibilities of individual ministries and constituent bodies, which, together with a change in legislation, would make it possible to fight even more effectively in the possible event of a second wave of the epidemic. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia will therefore call on all ministries to prepare proposals, on what needs to be done, to prepare a national plan by mid-June, when it will be necessary to adopt it and also prepare it for possible implementation.”

SNAV also addressed the assessment of cyber security risks, related to 5G technology. “Digital infrastructure in modern societies will not only affect the security sector, but also the civilian sphere, so the decision, on how to set it up, will be strategic, not just technological. In the National Security Strategy, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia identified the information-cyber threats, as one of the key threats. With 5G technology, we are talking about a direct impact on both, critical infrastructure and citizens, so the issue of 5G technology for the Government of the Republic of Slovenia primarily represents a question of national security.”

SNAV concluded that Slovenia needs a common and comprehensive approach in the field of cyber security. “The Government of the Republic of Slovenia wants to establish uniform criteria for all state institutions in the field of cyber security, as they are currently quite scattered and incomplete. Key ministries will need to draw up cyber-security plans in the case of possible cyber-attacks.” The government will also make digitalisation one of the strategic topics under the EU Council Presidency in the second half of year 2021 and cyber security is also a top priority within it, the Government Communication Office said.


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