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Monday, February 6, 2023

What does it mean to be “woke”?

By: Ivan Šokić

What does it mean to be “woke”? The term came into English from black slang, where it meant that a black man is self-aware, i.e. doubts the dominant paradigm and strives for something better. These are the tales told by Merriam-Webster. The slang term gained greater prominence in the Anglo-Saxon area after 2014, when police officers shot black Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Satanists Black Lives Matter clung to the matter like flies to shit.

With popularisation, consequently, there was also a separation from its original meaning. Being “woke” thus has nothing to do with any black consciousness today, but is just an expression that makes it easier to identify the warriors of the cult of social justice. In this way, they can clearly signal their belonging, action, and confession of sins.

We could talk about the Frankfurt School and the old Marxists, who realised that the adoption of the idea of economic revolution would first require a cultural revolution. It does not make sense. “Woke” drones today do not know what they are doing, according to whose plan, and why. They are a product of this cultural struggle won by the left – a struggle won without a single battle, because on the right they were convinced that culture did not matter.

In Slovenia, we may not be bombarded with “woke” propaganda at every step and from all directions, but it is definitely present. “Woke” is when a photo of an interracial family haunts the clothing store window in Slovenia. “Woke” is when a state provides a grant reserved exclusively for women who choose to open their own business. “Woke” is when you see a couple of lesbians in lingerie on billboards. “Woke” is when a cable and internet service provider runs a campaign celebrating LGBT all month. “Woke” is when the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana decides that out of solidarity to women, men will be addressed with women’s pronouns in official documents for several years. “Woke” is when RTV Slovenia finances and broadcasts a film in which they promote a couple of gays with a child as a normal family. “Woke” is when the Slovenian word fag is pushed out by an English foreigner. “Woke” is when people find it inappropriate to call a bitch a bitch, yet they label a woman that way without a slightest problem. “Woke” is when migrants are renamed refugees without realising that in doing so they declared them traitors. “Woke” is when Jews, unlike Christians, Muslims, or Buddhists, are written with a capital letter. “Woke” is the opposite of writing Christmas with a capital letter.

Further west of us, belonging to this cult of death is all the more pronounced. From all sorts of kneeling of athletes in support of the BLM while playing the national anthem to justifying racism in the name of “positive” discrimination. “Woke” is when Intel spends $300 million to promote diversity and runs out of money to develop chips. “Woke” is when filmmakers in Hollywood devise how to make 007 Agent James Bond a black woman, Spiderman a bisexual, and Natalie Portman a new Thor. “Woke” is when Amazon begins to withdraw professional literature from its online store because it critically addresses the issue of transgender people. Hitler’s Mein Kampf is not problematic, however, When Harry became Sally by Ryan T. Anderson’s is.

“Woke” is when a curriculum in California, in the name of fighting for social justice, calls for the singing of praises to the pagan gods to whom the Aztecs sacrificed people. “Woke” is when the film academy adopts new rules for film nominations, which should henceforth be a commendation of diversity. “Woke” is when a British soldier with a prosthesis instead of an arm is pushed into a video game that was supposed to be set during the Second World War. “Woke” is when Gillette posts an ad in which it humiliates men instead of advertising razors. “Woke” is when the American left wants to rewrite American history even before America existed, just because it bothers them that there was no black man among the founding fathers of the United States.

To be “woke” means to wage a total war against culture, history, reality and the achievements of civilisation. This is a war that has no end. It is a war against all that is good, beautiful, and real. And every small victory is a proof to the cultists that they are doing the right thing, and every rare insurmountable obstacle is proof that the system in which they hold all the levers of power in their hands is inherently directed against them.

Ivan Šokić is a philosophy student, editor-in-chief of the science fiction web portal and a publicist at Nova24TV. He is an expert in international relations.


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