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Saturday, June 22, 2024

(WE RECEIVED) Slovenian Democratic Party: We strongly oppose euthanasia in the party!

By: SDS / C. I.

In the Slovenian Democratic Party, we strongly oppose euthanasia. Representatives of the left-wing parties, under the guise of the Srebrna nit association, submitted an initiative to the National Assembly to start collecting signatures for the submission of a proposal for the Act on Assistance in the Voluntary End of Life.

We believe that the topic of euthanasia is a sensitive topic that requires a broad and thorough discussion by the entire society. The draft law, for which an initiative was submitted to the National Assembly, was prepared by a very narrow circle of individuals. In addition, as we have heard, the bill does not even have the support or consent of medical organisations.

In the Slovenian Democratic Party, we have always and will always defend the sanctity of life, which is also followed by the Slovenian Constitution, which speaks of the inviolability of human life.

We oppose euthanasia in the Slovenian Democratic Party, but we are always ready to discuss the sanctity and inviolability of human life. The fact that the initiative was submitted to the National Assembly before Easter, when Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection and eternal life, is considered disrespectful and arrogant.


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