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Sunday, February 5, 2023

We have the worst opposition in the world

By: Aleksander Rant

The headline may seem tendentious to you, as if I am attacking the opposition, when in reality it is my job as a journalist to criticise the current government and look for its mistakes. But Slovenians and the whole world have found themselves in a state that has no comparison. We are in the midst of a global pandemic of a virus that has already claimed more than a million lives worldwide. All governments are struggling to control a disease for which we don’t know exactly what it does to our body, and worse, what consequences it leaves on those who have overcome it.

As I have already written, all the governments of the world are trying to limit the spread of the disease, but other governments have something that we do not have in Slovenia. A normal, democratic opposition that understands the challenges of the times. When the virus broke out in Italy, all political parties expressed full support for the government and did not obstruct its work. This has also been the case in other European countries, when governments have taken unpopular measures, shutting down the country, regions and the economy. The opposition encouraged citizens to respect government measures. They knew that they could find themselves in a similar situation, if they would rule and have to deal with the virus. But this was not the case in one country. Yes, you guessed it, in Slovenia.

In Slovenia, the epidemic began during the Šarec government. But then we heard from the so-called profession that we had to “sneeze up our sleeves” and nothing would happen to us. Šarec and Šabeder did not know where their heads were. It was pure chaos. Mainly because the Prime Minister resigned shortly before the crisis began. Today it is clear that because he had no idea how to deal with the epidemic, the uncles in the background thought: Let’s make such a manoeuvre as in 2012. Janša should rule for a year, take all unpopular measures, and then we will replace him. Somehow that was the recipe that turns out to be true today.

The change of government was prepared for early autumn, when the phantom candidate of the left for prime minister, Jože P. Damijan, appeared. They planned to take power in October, but the second wave of the epidemic came. And all the leftists’ pants shook again. No one dares to take over the country in these times of crisis. Not Marshal Tanja Fajon, not comedian Šarec, not seamstress Alenka, least of all Levica with Mesec at the helm. But why would they take power if they can cook a revolution again in one of the worst trials of the Slovenian nation?

A revolution to come to power again. They started cooking it as soon as the current government seemed to have successfully stopped the first wave of the epidemic. And not directly. For their dirty work, they used intermediaries such as Gale and RTV Slovenia. Let us remember the first few shows Tarča, which challenged the legality of government procurement of protective equipment. And that’s just weeks after the current government got empty warehouses of protective equipment, when no one was supplying masks and fans, and after our healthcare industry almost collapsed. Opposition masquerade actions continued to encourage unreported protests at a time when the government was restricting movement, recommending the wearing of protective masks and fighting the epidemic. The protests, in which protesters openly threatened death, were not only encouraged, but even attended. Both Šarec, Fajon and many others from the left side of the political pole drove people to the streets of Slovenian cities and encouraged them to violate the measures.

Then we had the summer when the caviar-socialists went on their weekends at sea and forgot for a moment about the political struggle. Then came autumn. The economy was slowly picking up, as were crafts and tourism. There were few infections and it seemed that we would survive the crisis with minimal damage. This was largely due to government measures that funded waiting for work, part-time work and tourist vouchers. Slovenians survived the first wave, tourism strengthened, infrastructure projects were accelerated, it seemed that we were in a new golden age. But leftists could not allow people to live in prosperity.

Again, everything had to be destroyed. Problematise masks in kindergartens and schools, ban on gatherings, closure of institutions, help to the economy, application for tracking contacts. But actively support the protests despite government warnings that this will accelerate the spread of infections. I’m not saying the opposition is to blame for the second wave. I argue, however, that they have greatly contributed to the faster spread of the disease, as chaos suits them.

In almost a year, they have done nothing to mitigate the effects of the epidemic. They left behind failed hospitals, a brain drain abroad, and an incompetent bureaucratic apparatus. Now they would like this government to build a new infection clinic in two months, they say the government is incompetent because people are dying. They praise the leaders who locked their people in apartments and sent the army to the streets, and in the same breath they shout that we have a dictatorship in Slovenia.

The Slovenian opposition is the worst in the world because it is completely perverted. For the second time in history, the nation’s severe hardship is being abused to seize power. They are corrupt, amoral, hypocritical, and ultimately incompetent. Incapable to the extent that they are willing to put their interests before the interests of their nation. We have such opposition. All in all, the can be ashamed to the bottom of their souls!

Aleksander Rant is a journalist and editor of the news program on Nova24TV.


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