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The rule of law, my a …

Gregor Preac (Photo: Demokracija archive)

by Gregor Preac

The rule of law? After multiculturalism, political correctness, and hate speech, we were given another propaganda phrase to employ and feed the covid-infected masses with false, utopian justice. Let’s not forget that Nazi Germany also boasted with the rule of law. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935, provided the Nazis a legal basis for the mass extermination of Jews, Roma people, Slavs… Who will stop the German Drang nach Osten, the March to the East, the pogrom over Poland and Hungary this time?

In the Balkan countries, already in the neighbouring Croatia, there is much more corruption, un-democracy and totalitarianism than in Hungary and Poland, but as long as they let millions of illegal migrants and drug convoys into the EU, they have no problems with the European institutions, Berlin, Brussels. Greece and Bulgaria, with their veto and the rule of law, have been successfully blocking Northern Macedonia on its path to joining the EU for years.

Spain also has no problems with Brussels, even though it flailed the Catalans like barley, dismissed the Catalan parliament, imprisoned the Catalan leaders, and destroyed the Catalan media. Not to mention that much of the legislation of this so-called the Spanish rule of law dates back to the dictatorship of Franco’s fascism.

Similarly, France faces no problems, although police officers beat yellow vests to the point of disability and national security controls Corsican independence activists. The Netherlands also has no problems despite constant outbreaks of infectious diseases on animal farms and chemicals found in food. Germany, whose military tornado planes have bombed civilian targets in Syria, also has no problems.

On September 1, 2017, the German government fraudulently passed a law on strict control and censorship of social media called the Facebook Act, just before the summer holidays of the parliament, which was already empty. The Facebook law has enabled recent mass raids on German cities by those who raised their voices online against Islam and terrorism following the Dresden, Niš and Vienna terrorist attacks. The recent detention of as many as 365 people at anti-coronavirus demonstrations in Berlin is also in line with the law. More people are detained only in Belarus.

Surprisingly, the Slovene left, full of multiculturalism, political correctness, hate speech, the rule of law, did not defend the freedom of demonstration and reported Germany to the European institutions and the European Court of Human Rights. However, when the Slovene police detained 10 people at unreported demonstrations in Ljubljana, many letters about “the fascism of the Slovene government and the rule of law” immediately made their way to Brussels.

In Saudi Arabia, one is sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for insulting Islam like a young blogger Badawi experienced in 2013 –  all under the existing legislation and the Saudi rule of law. Neither Merkel, nor Macron, nor the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Commissioners, nor the great supporters (of the rule of law) Ljudmila Novak and Tanja Fajon have ever protested against this.

This whole EU circus therefore began in 2015 with a unilateral decision by Merkel and German capital that they are in need of cheap labor from Africa, with the assistance of France and Italy, who dream of a kind of Euro-Arabia. The dangers of Euro-Arabia, Islam, ghettos, the return of the Middle Ages, violence, crime and terrorism to Europe were perfectly foreseen in a books by Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, who passed away in 2006.The countries of the Eastern EU want to preserve their nation-states, their culture and their security. And the West imposes on them false multicults, Africa, Islam, ghettos, terrorism, crime, drugs. If Slovenia does not support Hungary and Poland in their fight against the migrant pact, the imposition of quotas, the binding of European funds to the “rule of law”, it will sooner or later fall victim to this political, ideological, propaganda tool of punishing dissidents. (Intrestingly, the payment of the obligatory contribution of the EU members to the European treasury is not linked to the “rule of law”!)

We bet on Germany, prostituted ourselves for years, even with 700,000 smuggled illegal migrants across Slovenia bypassing all legislation and the rule of law, and we got nothing. Did Western “friends” support us in arbitration? Where or when did they support us? So why would not we with try Poland? Poland will not betray us!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and world traveler.

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