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The cognitive eclipse of RTV and the slip of the left opposition

By: Janez Suša

Igor Evgen Bergant is currently probably the largest intellectual capacity of RTV Slovenia. He is fluent in several foreign languages, highly educated, intelligent and knowledgeable, and a very good and skilled speaker. In his concluding sentences, short comments and “bravado” in the reports or echoes of RTV Slovenia, one can detect narcissism, self-enthusiasm, even arrogance. Bergant is basically a leftist snob. Selfishness, a sense of self-importance, or a desire to do so, is the greatest inhibitor of creative thinking and intellectual potential.

In his Thursday interview with Prime Minister Janez Janša, Igor Bergant could not hide his bitterness when he was not able to rhetorically overpower Prime Minister Janša. This usually does not happen to Bergant, he always intellectually and rhetorically overpowers his interlocutors, which is why it is all the more difficult for him to swallow his substantive (confrontation of facts and arguments), intellectual and rhetorical defeat.

Later in the show,  however, when talking to the opposition leaders, it was more than obvious how rhetorically unskilled they are. The Slovenian National Party, Zmago Jelinčič, was not invited. RTV Slovenia, the Central Committee of the League of Communists, organized a party meeting of four communist parties.

Perception of reality disorders

Journalist Tanja Gobec encouraged four leaders of the communist opposition, as schoolchildren, on how and why they should come to power, and if they will, when they will, that they will “save” Slovenia. There were no unpleasant questions and no real arguments. Leftist petty-bourgeois intellectual misery. Pathological sacrilege instead of real arguments. Naked envy because the government of Prime Minister Janez Janša is objectively successful. Luka Mesec babbled that right-wing provenance and its media are allegedly living in some unrealistic parallel world of their own. According to him, the majority left-wing media report, comment and thus create the real world. But the exact opposite is true. The entire left has severe cognitive impairments in the perception of true facts and reality. It slipped into a total cognitive “black-out”. Given the dream of constructive distrust and the 46 votes that some Jože P. Damijan is supposed to provide, it needs a thorough cognitive examination by a psychiatrist.

Mentally, the entire left-wing stems from the failed communist regime of false slogans and platitudes, where the greatest sin was to tell the truth. The one who utters it is infantilely hysterically attacked. They have no real arguments –  good nor bad. None at all. In a letter by Prime Minister Janez Janša to EU leaders and leaders of EU countries on 17 November 2020, everything is true. They listened to him and quickly realized that he was right and asked him in a video conference to reach a compromise in the dispute over the “rule of law” among EU members. Compromise is for a free and democratic Europe equivalent to victory. Victory for all of us Europeans. We believe that Prime Minister Janez Janša will achieve it. We can already expect a lot from Slovenia’s imminent presidency of the Council of EU in 2021. After many years, Slovenians have a top prime minister, leader and statesman, the politician of the first European league.

In this regard, I will offer a reflection on why, whence does the bestial irrational hatred of the dominant left-wing media and the left-wing opposition towards Prime Minister Janez Janša come from. It originates from intellectual inferiority, envy, and deep incurable complexes of below-average people, which are reflected in primitive limbic reactions, pathological verbal attacks, nebulous completely false accusations, hostile incitement, and death threats. The assassination hangs in the air. All the time. The killing of Slovenes has already begun, according to the same logic and directive as in 1941. The more people get sick and die from the virus due to the sabotage of government measures, the better for the Red Revolution.

Unfortunately, after a long time, President Borut Pahor, who stopped spreading nonsense since he had started listening to Ernest Petrič, also succumbed to the herd of the leftist hysteria. His claim that the elections in 2014 were not stolen, that in Slovenia everything was always in line with the European principles of the “rule of law”, is a morning panic cognitive slippage. He missed a good opportunity to remain silent and at least wait for EU leaders to react to Prime Minister Janez Janša’s letter. If he is an honourable man, he should ask himself, what would he do if his opponent Marjan Šarec was put in political prison in the campaign for the 2017 presidential elections? As an attested Democrat, would he want to win the election in an unfair way? Would he undo them? Or would he simply say, it is nothing special, it happens every day in Africa. One should also ask why he congratulated Joseph Biden on his victory, since the US has not yet announced the official results of the presidential election? President Borut Pahor imagines that he must urgently correct the foreign policy, according to him, the mistakes of Prime Minister Janez Janša. He should rather take a broom, sweep in front of his doorstep and tired of work go swimming in the Slovenian salt lake.

Dr. Janez Suša holds a Master’s degree in process automation and a doctorate in chemical engineering. He is an inventor, owner of several patents and an internationally recognized designer.


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