Sweden time bomb

Gregor Preac. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Gregor Preac

AFP reported on May 26th this year that Sweden, which has a population of 10.3 million, is now at the top in terms of the number of victims of shootings on the old continent. In less than a decade, it has taken away this infamous leadership from Italy and Eastern European countries.

In the first half of 2020, 20 people were killed in 163 shootings, compared to the previous year with 42 deaths in 334 shootings. Police believe there are about 50 family clans, gangs, that came to Sweden with an open migration policy after 1990. They are fighting for territories and drug dealings in immigrant ghettos. Many vehicles burn regularly. Even in robberies, Sweden is above the EU average.

The Swedish Social Democratic government has taken a series of measures with more surveillance cameras, more police, stricter penalties for drug and gun-related crime, especially when a 12-year-old girl died in a shootout last year. However, the Swedish Deputy Police Löfving had to admit that crime continues to rise.

The worst is in Malmö, a city of 320,000 people, where as many as a third are born outside Sweden. In Sweden, 22 percent of the population has foreign roots. In Malmö, crime peaked in 2017 with 58 bombings and 81 homicides in shootings. In 2018, there were 162 bombings in Sweden. In 2019, for the first time since 1950, neighbouring Denmark reintroduced passport control at the border with Sweden, citing the prevention of the arrival of criminal groups as one of the reasons.

Sweden also leads in Europe in rapes and sexual assaults. This has been increasing at least five percent a year for the last five years, in 2017 by as much as a tenth. 81 percent of Swedes women over the age of 15 say they have been sexually assaulted at least once. In Denmark the number is 80 percent, in France 75 percent. These countries have in common a high rate of Muslims among the newcomers. Since 2010, Sweden has accepted more than 1.3 million migrants, mostly Muslims and young men, of which the least last year: 82,518. In August 2018, the Swedish National Crime Prevention Council (SVT) announced that as many as 58 percent of those convicted of rape or attempted rape in the last five years were immigrants. In sexual assaults, where the victims did not previously know the perpetrators, more than 80 percent are those not born in Sweden. Nigel Farage, a well-known British politician, former MEP and initiator of Brexit, named Malmö the European Capital of Rape in 2017!

Sweden is the most generous in Europe

For poor integration and unemployment of the newcomers, the Swedish Social Democratic and Liberal media blame the lack of funds for social and integration, even though Sweden is by far the most generous in Europe. They also blame Swedish right wing and nationalist forces for the failure of migration policy. In 1995 and 2005, Sweden also kept crime statistics by nationality, but since 2015 it has not done so in most cases. In 2017, Prime Minister Löfven’s office rejected a request by MP Staffan Danielsson to reintroduce these statistics, at least for the needs of sociological research or for effective prevention and a more logical migration policy.

Swedish-Kurdish economist Tino Sanandaji has openly said what Swedes do not dare say, in Sweden you are immediately labelled a racist if you open up these topics or even criticise the migration policy of social democratic governments that attribute crime only to inequalities among the population. Well, even if we agreed with such a simple and cheap explanation, this “inequality”, and therefore most of the crime, was caused by the social democratic governments with their migration policy.

Several foreign and independent domestic journalist teams and journalists, including an Australian and Finnish team investigating crime, fear of residents, Swedish emigration, wild conditions, in the ghettos of Swedish cities after 2015, were physically attacked there. 15 areas are marked as critical, some as “no go” zones for the police. Is Slovenia, with the censorship of RTV SLO, POP TV, STA, Delo, Večer, Dnevnik, Mladina, with all left wing utopia and false propaganda, with Cerar’s migrant policy and Šarec’s government, just another time bomb only with a time lag?

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer, and traveller.