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School offers free tuition for black students, others have to pay

By: V4 Agency

A small university began offering free tuition to all black and native American students, because of the state’s racist past. For the normal students tuition typiclly costs more than $10,000 a year, not including room, board, and other expenses.

The great fight against racism has, in many places, resulted in a new type of racism, this time against white people. The Wayfinding Academy in Portland, Oregon, is now offering a two-year tuition-free community college degree to all black and native American students.

For the normal student, tuition costs 11 thousand dollars a year, not including room, board, and other expenses. The college is putting an emphasis on black and native American students because “they have been disproportionately impacted by Oregon’s white supremacist history and because college debt is a major factor in the racial wealth gap in this country.”

The college announced that its Free Tuition Initiative will be offered every year moving forward for selected students, adding that goal is “expand this program in scope to include the broader BIPOC community, to include more individuals.”

In a bid to tackle racism, a Pittsburgh museum has hidden an iconic exhibit. Those who insist can still view the diorama, but it is now covered with a curtain. It portrays what appears to be an Arab man dressed in African wardrobe and seated on his one-humped camel, engaged in an agressive encounter with lions.

According to the museum, the 19th century display is “painful to witness” for people of color as it perpetuates their “dehumanisation,” and desensitizes viewers to racial violence. For some people of color, their “traumatic experience with racialised violence leads them to see this diorama primarily through that lens,” the museum’s interim director Stephen Tonsor told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Mr Tonsor also noted that no other dioramas in the museum spotlight white European humans under attack by animals. He pointed out that, in the exhibit, one ferocious male lion is seen in attack mode as another female lion lies dead, even though it’s typically “the female lions that hunt.” This is “one example in which the biases we have in Western culture about male dominance lead to misrepresentation of what happens in the natural world,” he concluded.


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