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Sale of a cesspit for storing gold – the case of STA

By: dr. Vinko Gorenak

Two days ago, the news broke in the public that the Supreme Court had ordered the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to finance the activities of the Slovenian Press Agency (STA). This news was “sold” by STA, and most of the media bought it for pure gold. Moreover, most of the media summed up the STA and thus lied. Well, if the fake Odlazek’s media, such as Dnevnik, Večer and others, and other private media do that, I understand, they are lying. However, if the national television lies, it is too much, because it is lying to all of us who pay for it. The same applies to left wing politicians, especially Tanja Fajon, Igor Zorčič, Janja Sluga and many others. The celebration on the left half of our political hemisphere was complete. I also shuddered at the thought and thought how this is even possible. However, already the first reading of the Supreme Court’s decision showed that the left political hemisphere, with the STA and the law firm Čeferin, managed to sell the cesspit for storing gold to the Slovenian public. They turned a pure court defeat into a false victory, and I believe that most of our people fell for it.

The continuation of this post will of course not be a legal expertise of the facts, as my readers are of course not legal experts, but simple people who do not read legal expertise but read simple, understandable and clear records.

Some facts to help you understand the situation

  • The Republic of Slovenia is the majority owner of STA, i.e. a news agency with about 90 employees (not 300 as Tanja Fajon lied in Odmevi show on national TV). In accordance with the law, the STA must also prepare media news, which must be available to all media free of charge and paid for by the state.
  • Every year so far, STA has prepared a business plan where it precisely defined this, and the state has paid for this news in accordance with the annual contract.
  • During the current government, the director of STA decided not to provide the majority owner (Government of the Republic of Slovenia) with the necessary business data, nor to sign a financing agreement with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Any STA funding without a contract would therefore be illegal.
  • In June 2021, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia therefore adopted a decree determining the financing of the STA (in a higher amount than in 2020).
  • The financing of the STA did not start, because the STA, with the help of Čeferin’s lawyers, at the Administrative Court in Ljubljana, achieved a temporary suspension of the implementation of the said decree.

What did the Supreme Court actually decide?

To better understand, I will quote the decision of the Supreme Court literally. It reads as follows: “The appeal is upheld, the decision of the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia I U 1071 / 2121-8 of July 19th, 2021 is amended so that the request for the issuance of an interim injunction is rejected.” This legal terminology, of course, requires a “translation” into a language that people can understand. So let’s look at what the Supreme Court decided below:

  • As already mentioned, in June 2021, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a Decree determining the financing of the STA, because the director of the STA simply does not want to sign contracts with which the financing could start.
  • With the help of the Čeferins, the STA managed to have the Administrative Court suspend the implementation of the said regulation on July 19th, 2021, which resulted in further non-financing of the STA.
  • Of course, you may wonder why the STA challenged the regulation at all and obtained its suspension. The answer is simple. The greed of the STA director and left wing political extremism.
  • With the latest decision, the Supreme Court lifted the suspension of the implementation of the government decree, which may therefore enter into force.

Let’s put it in other words. The STA director is clearly a left wing political extremist. He has signed annual financing agreements with all previous governments, but he does not want to sign it with the current government. The re-enactment of the government decree will now, of course, cross the STA director’s plans to portray himself as a victim in public, but in reality he is an executioner of the truth. He also declared the last decision of the Supreme Court, which is a pure victory of the government and a complete defeat of him and Čeferins, a victory. In other words, he sold a cesspit as a gold warehouse to the Slovenian public.

Dr Vinko Gorenak is a State Secretary in the PV Cabinet, a former Member of the National Assembly and Minister of the Interior, a university professor and a member of the SDS.


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