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PM Orban: We condemn Russia’s military action

By: V4 Agency

Hungary’s prime minister made the announcement in a video posted on social media. Viktor Orban said “our greatest concern is the safety of the Hungarian people”, and added that it was out of question for Hungary to send troops or military supplies to Ukraine. Hungary’s aim is to stay out of this war conflict, Mr Orban underlined.

Mr Orban posted his video message on Facebook after the meeting of the Operative Board in charge of national security.

Speaking, among other things, about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia which erupted this dawn, he said:

“Together with our European Union and NATO allies, we condemn Russia’s military action. We will have an emergency meeting in Brussels today. I think that European unity will be sustainable and we will be able to commit ourselves to joint steps.”

Hungary’s premier added that Hungary must stay out of this war conflict, “because, for us, the security of Hungarian people is the most important consideration.” Therefore, he added, “deploying either troops or military equipment to Ukraine is not on the table.”

Of course, we will provide humanitarian aid, Mr Orban continued, adding that “we cannot accept proposals by the Left that would endanger Hungary’s energy and gas supply and jeopardise the government’s utility bill cuts for families.”

Our military and designated police units have started working along the Ukraine-Hungary border area. Unfortunately, after today’s military offensive, we can expect an increase in the number of Ukrainian citizens arriving in Hungary, who may apply for refugee status. We are prepared to cater for them, and we will be able to meet this challenge swiftly and effectively. In terms of everything else, we’ll be back from Brussels late tonight, PM Orban concluded his video message.


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