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Our homeland is littered with fanatical idiots

Bogdan Sajovic. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Bogdan Sajovic

The pandemic of the Chinese virus is still going on and anti-corona measures are slowly getting on people’s nerves. This is a situation in all countries in the immediate and wider vicinity of our beloved homeland, and yet Slovenia is unique. Namely, nowhere does the government face so much concentrated poison as in Slovenia.

What’s more, people who are supposed to be educated, knowledgeable and the elite of society in general are waiting for every action with a knife, and then brag on social media about how they violated or cheated the measures. For the grand finale, then, a few posts later, they fume that the government is incompetent because the measures are not working. This mixture of idiocy and fanatical hostility is getting on my nerves much more than the measures. The measures will one day pass, however, fanatical idiots will continue to poison my dear homeland. Of course, such creatures do not come into being on their own, someone had to design them and who is more responsible for shaping young minds than the school system. In doing so, I remembered an event during the first Janša’s government, soon after the introduction of the euro. I was waiting for a colleague at a bar, and two older women were sitting at a table next to mine. They talked with that disgusting voice I still remember from school, a voice that creeps into your brain, even if you try not to hear it. And it turned out that the women were colleagues, retired high school teachers. One of them started to complain, saying that “bastards Janša and Bajuk stole her pension”, that she received almost one hundred thousand tolars, and after the introduction of the euro she barely got “a few peanuts less than five hundred”. The colleague enthusiastically agreed that she had been “similarly robbed”. It is quite clear from their words that they are two stupid creatures imbued with fanatical hatred, who, as professors, influenced the thinking of some thirty-five generations of students, the future national elite. According to personal experience, these comrades are by no means white crows. This, of course, explains why our beloved homeland is widely littered with fanatical idiots…

Bogdan Sajovic is a journalist of the magazine Demokracija.

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