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Only dead fish swim with the stream

Gašper Blažič. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Gašper Blažič

Swimming against the stream takes its toll: from ignorance to contempt.

Lately, they have been asking me what happened to me, because I rarely appear in the weekly Demokracija with articles. Well, what has happened in recent months is that in the meantime – in addition to taking over the editorial board – I also became the editor of web portals with spiritual content, namely Blagovest.si and Molitev.si. Which is not to say that I have completely stepped out of political affairs. On the contrary, I regularly monitor and analyse it during the holidays, while trying to reflect current events in the light of recent Slovenian political history, to which we have devoted a little more time and paper this year due to the 30th anniversary of independence. You have probably already read a special issue of Demokracija, dedicated to the creation of the Slovenian state. Nonetheless, so far you probably have not noticed that any member of our editorial board as a political analyst has been invited to the studio or at least remotely asked for an opinion. Ignorance is painful on the one hand, but on the other hand it can also be a silent confession.

At the same time, I am aware that political preaching and awareness alone are not enough, it is necessary to raise awareness of the spiritual attitude of Slovenes. And of course it is clear that by “spiritual” I do not mean any modern esoteric cocktails, but Christianity. After all, even Ivan Cankar, who was quite close to free-thinking, admitted that his original spiritual home was Catholicism – which is otherwise oblate among modern Slovenes, which is the result of both subjective and objective reasons. However, I am proud to belong to a media house that has been exploiting the potential of the World Wide Web in recent years. Also by opening new websites with Christian spiritual content. And even though I am aware that this is disturbing for many, not only for leftists, but also for some Christians. While watching the broadcast of the Youth Festival from Medžugorje, I heard the thought that we need Christian warriors today, but it seems that this is not exactly a value in the Catholic mainstream. But it is worth swimming upstream.

Gašper Blažič is a journalist for Demokracija, a daily editor on the website demokracija.si and acting editor of the web portals Blagovest.si and Molitev.si.

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