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Nemec poses a security threat in the National Assembly

By: Davorin Kopše

Last week, on August 25th, the chairman of the parliamentary commission for the supervision of the work of the security and intelligence services of KNOVS, Matjaž Nemec from the Social Democrats, convened an emergency session of this commission. The session will supposedly discuss the phenomenon of neo-Nazism in Slovenia, which is represented in particular by the so-called Yellow jackets, which are supposed to be connected to the Slovenian Democratic Party. Nemec linked the yellow jackets to the SDS based on the Yellow Jackets’ (RJ) tweets. Nemec also wants to connect everyone who has ever retweeted (forwarded) some of their tweets with them. I am also among them and I probably will continue to be, but I can say that I have no acquaintances with them, let alone connections. Well, the reasons for the political circus around the convictions of neo-Nazism and connections also lie in the disciplinary measures that befell the police chiefs from Ljubljana, because they allowed unequal treatment at the protest. It is known that they arrested RJ there, and the other side was not even looked at by the police, let alone dealt with.

Inference by principle; Jože told France that Ferdo had said something. Based on this conclusion, Nemec claims that Ferdo and France are connected, but because Ferdo expressed his views against all totalitarianisms, especially against communism and he is also against the overthrow of the government, they are certainly both neo-Nazis. This is Nemec’s way of thinking, which is the fruit of deception and causing general harm.

The session, where they discussed such nebulae, they also invited the alleged investigative journalist Erik Valenčič, who holds a dubious reputation. His biggest reference is that he was an RTV Slovenia correspondent from the Middle East without references. From now on, however, the events are no longer fun, but a serious frivolity and unprofessional approach to an important professional topic related to security issues in the country.

Security threat

A broader definition of a security threat is a breach of security that exists when there is an entity, circumstance, ability, action, or event that could cause harm. A security threat is therefore any circumstance that could affect or threaten security. It is a provision that draws attention to the possible consequences of actions that could, in certain circumstances, lead to any threat to security in any area. The president of KNOVS convened the meeting on the basis of his conclusions, which are primarily related to the political interest, while fatally ignoring the possible wider consequences. He invited the well-known radical journalist Erik Valenčič to the meeting, who wandered around the Middle East, connected with extremists there and publicly showed his affection by taking photos in the clothes of Islamists from the Islamic State, in some cases, he even had an AK 40 automatic rifle (known in our country as the Kalashnikov or AP M70 in several versions), which has been most often used for decades by extremists and terrorists.

Connecting with such people and inviting them to meetings of the KNOVS parliamentary commission is in itself a security threat. Due to the nature of its work, this commission mostly sits behind closed doors. This means that the meeting is not open to the public, as the disclosure of certain content could affect the security situation in the country. For this reason, too, it is not appropriate for this commission to invite anyone from the public to its meetings, especially in the case of security disputes. The silent room of the National Assembly is a security area, and persons who do not have permission to access classified information do not have access to it in any case, as this would also pose a security threat. I do not have the data, but I can only hope the session was not there.

KNOVS is run by a president who is unaware of his position and responsibilities

Without awareness, there is no security, because only awareness enables us to respect and implement all possible mechanisms to ensure optimal security that our findings offer. It is not only important what is defined, but it also includes the consciousness of those responsible, who are entrusted with the care of security and safety measures, which also includes supervision. When it comes to state security, this concern should be at the highest level. It should be noted that, in addition to security and intelligence services, supervisors have the widest access to sensitive security data and to the way intelligence services work and to review their resources.

Matjaž Nemec from the Social Democrats is the chairman of the Commission for the Supervision of Security and Intelligence Services in the country. His job is to take care of what the scope of the job description in this position requires of him. Abuse for political purposes is inadmissible and in certain parts is an interference with the security position of the state, which is a dangerous security threat. This is exactly what the president of KNOVS, Matjaž Nemec, has often done since taking office.

The tasks of the KNOVS under the Parliamentary Oversight of Intelligence and Security Services Act are the oversight of the intelligence and security services of the government and the ministry responsible for defence, the security services of the ministry responsible for the interior, and the ministry responsible for defence. It also supervises other intelligence and security services set up by state authorities to carry out similar activities and with powers such as security services. It does not follow from the above, namely from the law, that the commission supervises the police as a whole, but only its parts that deal with intelligence and security activities and special measures. Security is covered mainly due to the nature of the work of the intelligence services, as the intelligence activity is closely linked to the provision of security, but this certainly does not include all police work that ensures general public security.

The biggest absurdity in the conduct and behaviour of the Social Democrat MP Matjaž Nemec is that he proceeded to deal with some imaginary extremist group. If they exist or if they would exist, the intelligence and security services would be obliged to deal with them to a certain extent, and only their work is to be supervised by the commission headed by the hyperactive politician Nemec. The oversight commission is therefore not the one to consider and question the whole politics, as its chairman envisioned. He also invited the Prime Minister and the SDS president Janez Janša and the Secretary for National Security Žan Mahnič to the session. If they attend the meeting, it is their decision.

A session on RJ for who Nemec openly claims they are neo-Nazis

At this point, I do not want to go into the details of who the Yellow Jackets are. It is known to be a group that has its own patriotic agenda and is increasingly present in public life. It is present on social networks, and according to the information I know, their leader is also the president of the Association for the Protection of Slovenian Values and an editor at the National Press Agency. It is sometimes difficult to agree with the strategy of individuals from the RJ group, but this is a completely personal matter. The connection does not yet exist due to possible segmental sympathies, everything else is incitement, which can be very dangerous at some stage. In any case, the repressive authorities are also obliged to take legal action in dealing with this group if it violates the law.

Time will certainly show what the real role of the RJ is, and if they do something illegal, let the police deal with it, not the KNOVS. However, it is important, very important, that it treats others with the same criteria for the same infringements. For political control over the work of the police, we have the Committee on Internal Affairs as a permanent working body of the National Assembly. MP and chairman of this committee Branko Grims leads it more than politically. He knows the profession, is a lawyer and leads the commission with these virtues as well.

Valenčič as a security risk

Valenčič is undoubtedly a security risk in an environment where sensitive security issues are addressed, given his past and operations. It is even worse if we leave the role of analysing and accepting conclusions to such people. So far, according to my information and publicly available data, Valenčič has not shown any habits or desires for serious justifications based on the facts. So Valenčič has apparently been used politically to publicly stigmatise the work of politics and the work of civil society before a commission in the National Assembly? Nemec no, this is not done in a democratic system.

The so-called investigative journalist Valenčič has international connections with the Middle East. He is said to have wandered around Iraq before war broke out there due to the adventures of Saddam Hussein, who, in addition to gross human rights abuses, was a serious security threat to the entire region. True, the story did not end well with the Allied intervention, but this topic is not here for today. The fact is that Valenčič joined some kind of peacekeepers who were supposed to prevent the intervention of the allies, but with the increasingly obvious fact that the intervention would take place, he tucked his tail between his legs and ran far away.

Who should control whom

A man like Valenčič, who was photographed with an automatic rifle and disguised as an Islamic State fighter, should be under the control of the intelligence services. Valenčič is an associate of Matjaž Nemec in KNOVS, who should supervise these services. An amazing paradoxical spin that you do not encounter anywhere else in serious parliaments. Tanja Fajon clearly told Dnevnik that their main goal is to replace Janez Janša. I believe that as the statement is confirmed by the already known fact that they only care for power. Usually those who would like to be an alternative offer a programme to improve the standard and quality of life. Well, the basic goal of the revolutionaries was always just to eliminate competition. Why would their successors change strategy?

You get a role model in the cradle, their cradle is in Čebine, in Jajce and at the headquarters of the Central Committee, with the Bolsheviks, wherever strategies for destructive campaigns were devised, and goals in the appetite for power and authority were more important than all the victims. Their struggle for power has therefore been a single security threat for decades. Maybe they should be under democratic control today.

Neo-revolution, no thanks.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for the European Parliament and an active citizen.


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