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Looking to the left’s future is looking back

By: Davorin Kopše

Events from the recent past should, at the dictates of the forces coming from there, be forgotten and only looked ahead. From the same logs they inform us that in this same past is the foundation of our existence and the preservation of the right to use Slovene. We hear that there would be no independence without the NOB, which was abused to carry out the revolution. False history must not be revised, the victims of horrific massacres must not be buried, and their perpetrators must not be judged. Is that what we want?

In the name of the people

Judges are indirectly elected by the people through representative democracy. This is the people who were massively deprived of their rights, dignity, prosperity, freedom, health and many lives in the years before independence. In all these years, the system has not been able to deal with the mentality of the judiciary on a large enough scale that this would be decisive for the establishment of a better judicial system worthy of the people’s trust. I omit the honest and conscientious judges who have broken away from the old practices here.

Criminals such as Ivan Maček – Matija, Mitja Ribičič – major and many others, and finally Franc Sever – Franta, never heard the sound of a judge’s gavel blow. They never had to defend themselves before the people and were not judged on behalf of the people. They died legally innocent. As innocent as their victims, but they did not die the same way. I am not saying that they should have, of course not, but they should had defended themselves and be condemned in order for justice to be at least partially served. It is not only true that they were not judged in the name of the people, but it is also a fact that the will of the people is different. Because there is no satisfaction, instead of inner peace and relaxation, there remains bitterness and fear in the nation that the time of crimes may be repeated. We will see how very true this statement is below, where we talk about the attitude towards the Constitution.

Not only politically and materially, but also mentally, the people are fragile because they have been deprived of a binder for decades. Even many of those who no longer want the past system do not go to the polls because of learned greed, or vote for the successors of those who have plunged this nation into a kind of reluctant confusion. A handful, who still have the majority media at their disposal and direct them, take care of the appropriate dose of misinformation on a daily basis. They are permanently engaged in manipulations that Slovenia needs a government that will provide blind funding for non-governmental organisations, quasi-cultural workers and, last but not least, the media themselves. A decisive shift in this way has not happened for thirty years. Incredibly, through manipulations the people are pushed into an absurd spiral that ensures that they are always against themselves. Everything happens in the name or at the will of the people, even though the people are against it. When any shift occurs, they turn on the speakers and rush to explain how democracy is under attack. Let’s take a look at this democracy.

Seven years of the Levica party

The majority I do not go to the polls gives space in the proportional system to parties that the nation as a whole does not actually approve and accept. In this way, in a country that has recently resisted socialism and rejected it with disgust because it produces poverty, we have got the Socialist Party Levica. This is a party that is full of mouths advocating for social justice, labour rights and, more recently, climate justice and environmental care. The latter are called eco-socialism, which is just as much an oxymoron as an intelligent retarder.

Gregor Čušin: “I am a Slovene and a Catholic. I belong to a strange nation, a mad nation. I belong to a nation that suffered for forty years under communism, fought for democracy and chose a communist for their first democratic and democratically elected president.” Let each draw a parallel with the Levica for themselves.

So who’s crazy here? It has been empirically proven that socialism does not know social justice, but only the equality of the masses in poverty. It is known that there are no rich socialist countries as well as no poor socialists. From this we see what the Socialists are talking about. About themselves! How to ensure workers’ rights in a company where there is nothing from anyone and everything is from everyone? We have already tried this and it has not worked, because in the mass of a mixture of interests and escape from responsibility, the consistency of systems maintenance and development is lost. The Levica party advocates for this. All of the above also leads to a carefree attitude towards the environment. Evidence of this lies in the memory of past times of socialism and the poisoned dead rivers. In the 1930s, the Sava was drinkable in Tacen near Ljubljana. The consequences of the socialist collective attitude towards the environment in the area of Cinkarna Celje will still have be eliminated for decades to come…

After a fabulous seven years of paradise for the aggressive MPs of the Levica in the National Assembly, it is time for them to confront themselves. Let them explain their programme starting points, where they have written that they will eliminate private property, that they will take care of the transfer of company property from private to state ownership. Let them explain how they intend to fight against capitalism as defined in the Constitution and how they will enforce socialist principles instead. These socialist principles dictate that they abolish the market economy and introduce a planned economy. From an economic point of view, this is nothing more than the elimination of competition and the market.

In today’s situation, the introduction of these absurdities would be worse than it was at the time when we were negotiating international trade with the Soviet Union. This is no more, and clearings are a thing of the past. Will we trade with Venezuela and North Korea? A country without market laws cannot integrate into international economic flows, so it cannot survive in the domestic environment, as we see in these countries. The Levica therefore offers us a return to an even worse past than we know from experience.

Majority, I am not going to the polls

At the time when we will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of independence, we hear statements of individual participants in the war for Slovenia that they did not fight for such a Slovenia as we have today. Since I see every day what we have achieved in all this time, I cannot agree with the propaganda thesis that it used to be better. We fought and succeeded against the system and the state in which we scraped along, not lived in. Later, things did not go the way we wanted them to, but things never go smoothly. So who convinced some people that we were doing badly? Who cares to be dissatisfied, even though in general terms we have never lived better? Of course, those who do not want to live better, to be able to promise a better life, which under their rule never materialises. I am aware that many, after all, still do not live in prosperity, but out of poverty does not lead the path shown to us by the Levica and leftists in general. They drive us there under the slogan of poverty for all, not just a handful.

The Levica party’s view of the future is their programme, about which both the dominant media and their KUL companions are silent. They promise us a future that we know from the very dark past, which we must not look at so as not to see what can happen to us in power in an even worse version. According to this semantics (meaning of what has been said), the view of the future is the same, and sooner even worse to the view of the past. If we agree to this confusion, we dig new graves for ourselves, where they will push us – alive or dead.

It is unlikely that the extreme left wing Levica party would have any more supporters than it had in the last parliamentary elections. From this it follows that a higher turnout in the elections would significantly reduce the number of MPs in the National Assembly, or they would drop out of parliament. Therefore, anyone who advocates non-participation in the elections and does not agree with the programme and activities of the Levica, supports this party on the election Sunday sitting on the couch at home. Instead of them, the decision is left to a part of the population that roams the streets and on Metelkova 6 in Ljubljana, where they are mostly not looking for work, but privileges that the leftists in power generously share with them from a common purse.

Zorčič has concerns

The parliamentary parties SDS and Nova Slovenija submitted a request to convene an extraordinary session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, where they would demand answers from the Levica party to their programme starting points and statements and the activities of their party and its MPs. These are the parts of their activities where they move away from the constitutional provisions or are directly against them. When submitting the request, the President of the National Assembly Igor Zorčič expressed concerns about the admissibility of discussing this content in the temple of democracy.

Igor Zorčič is the MP and president of the National Assembly who left the coalition party of the modern center and their parliamentary group. He joined the parliamentary group of unaffiliated MPs in the opposition, but did not resign as President of the National Assembly, which would be for political and hygienic reasons. It is incomprehensible that he cannot be dismissed from this position because some political parties and their members are resisting it. It is downright ridiculous that political parties have come to the defence of a member of a parliamentary group even though there are no members in that parliamentary group with the support of any party. This is another proof of how low the development of party politics and parliamentary democracy is in Slovenia.

Zorčič and his associates therefore have concerns against the proposed resolution of the National Assembly, which would call on the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and all competent state bodies to intensify monitoring of attempts to overthrow parliamentary democracy and other constitutional foundations of the Republic of Slovenia, and to address and prevent such phenomena. Parliamentary parties will weigh themselves on this topic and we will see who is for and who is against the constitutional order in the Republic of Slovenia. Namely, a declarative reference to the constitution is not enough, actions that should protect the constitutional order are considered.

Anyway, a great symphony is written, the only question is how many times the orchestra will have to play it, so that at the end of the dance the one who does not belong to the chair will be left without it.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for the European Parliament and an active citizen.


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