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(Letters – from victory to victory) Whores, poets, and songs of liquidations

Vinko Vasle. (Photo: Demokracija Archive)

By: Vinko Vasle

If there was no culture, we would still speak Serbian. However, Milan Kučan did everything to make us independent, he even promised Milošević Bosnia and Herzegovina and half of Croatia, if he would allow us to continue using the Slovene language. Otherwise, Ivan Cankar would be read in Cyrillic, if at all, because the Serbs did not like him and one of them beat him so badly that he died.

That is why we leftists and communists now have some cultural gems, among which I should mention Boris A. Novak in the first place, because he is a poetic diamond that was born to Serbs in Belgrade. Boris A. Novak is a representative of the so-called folk eco-socialist poetry or genres of “primitive poetry”. With it, he performs at angry demonstrations against dictator Janez Janša and his government and receives loud applause.

The last time the yellow jackets tried to occupy the Prešeren monument, he wrote an immortal song about them, in which he described them as monkeys to be vomited on, they are manure, disgust, and a Nazi toilet. Nothing rhymes in this song, but a good climate is created. The crowds go crazy with every word he utters. In another poem, he wrote for the MPs that they are “pizdojalci”, Carantanian, they are wusses in dementia, and so on. Basically speaking – our Boris is better in the poetry of the primitive than his comrade Veno Taufer, who also entered the cultural memory of the nation with the one about “iron dildos and whining”.

Kučan, thank you and the Party, because we have another important left wing cultural creator, Vuk Ćosić, who deals with performances and art installations and is supposedly a Slovenian cultural genius in general. He was born in Belgrade and draws swastikas in the Slovene Ministry of Culture.

Murderous tendencies

We were also lucky. Thus, Darko Nikolovski was born in Slovenia and, together with the eco-socialist animal guardian Jadranka Juras, created a song that says, in a political sense, what we will do. The song says, among other things, “For everything you have done so far, we offer an amnesty! History teaches when politics takes advantage, some go to Argentina, others to the shooting ranges.” Even the leftists of Luka Mesec could not have said this more directly, although they also threaten the home guards and rightists that they will respond harshly when Kordiš(s) and Tomić(s) come to power. What do I know, symbolism, but the knives are sharp. This song by Nikolovski and Juras was played by Val 202 in honour and glory of the thirtieth anniversary of the state of Slovenia, and some were outraged. Which is a complete ignorance of the ideological and political regulation of public radio under the direction of Mirko Štular, who is therefore affectionately called Kim Il Un by his colleagues, and the radio is called Pyongyang radio.

As I just mentioned Violeta Tomić, it is only necessary to say that she is a top Slovenian actress who was born in Sarajevo, which means that the Bosnians repaid us a little because we accepted them among us during that cruel war. And this is also proof that a Bosnian woman in Slovenia can lead a cultural committee of the Slovenian parliament and that Bosnian culture in Slovenia is not only Denis Avdić, born in BiH, who became a cultural and artistic phenomenon of the Slovenian left and communists from being a cop. But here are also differences. Zlatan Čordić, some home guards call him ‘balija opankar’, was born in Slovenia and is one of the eminent representatives of the Fužine cultural cream. One of the younger Slovene writers and filmmakers of our left and communists also comes from there – Goran Vojnović, who creates in Slovene, Serbian and Bosnian, and at the same time in the same work of art. The message of his novel and film Čefurji raus has not yet materialised.

Among the leftist and communist masterpieces, it is right to mention the Slovene version of Sutjeska and the Battle of the Neretva – this is Preboj, among the theatrical works of Kurba Violeta Tomić and Kursadžija, and among the painters Arjan Pregl’s painting with the patronage of Forum 21 and ateka.

I would almost overlook the greatest actor in our country, Marjan Šarec, who entered our cultural history with the role of “stupid as a male sexual organ”. He was a genius.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist and writer.

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