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(Letters – from victory to victory) Varteks communism

By: Vinko Vasle

As the increasingly popular leader of the Levica party, Luka Mesec said, it is time to change the socio-economic system, and this is also written in their programme, which is now being attacked by the fascists. This does not surprise me, because it is a programme of revolutionary liberators from 1945 that is a little modernised – say, with that addition about eco-socialism.

But we also knew this in some form at the time of the revolution. For example, for ecological reasons, our proud ancestors flooded the liquidated enemies with toxic waste from Celje’s Cinkarna and thus killed two birds with one stone. Udba, with the support of the Yugoslav Army, cremated the killed refugees who had failed to escape across the border into rotten capitalism. From this ash they made bricks for the socialist experiment Nova Gorica. It must be quite interesting to live in Britof. All this means that even in those times we fought against this capitalist evil in an original way, and the revolution goes on.

It is difficult to understand the perversion of foreigners, for example, building tunnels, railways, factories, owning banks and the like. Tito did it all by himself. He built bridges and roads – for those he did not kill. He built factories for workers he did not kill… He did not really build them, but he took them, nationalised them to an exploitative class that did not want to give it, so they flooded it with toxic waste. The proletarians of Tito’s communism and socialism were able to go on holiday to the sea, except for those he killed, which is somehow understandable. Edvard Kardelj, a real anecdote, once accused Tito of having too few people killed, if there were more, the standard of living would be higher, inflation lower, and economic reform possibly normal. Supposedly, out of resentment, Tito tried to get rid of him on a hunt in Srem, but the father of socialism with a human face fortunately survived.

Capitalism is evil because it is boring. You work, you earn, and then you waste it in capitalist private inns, hotels, shops, and so on. In socialism it was just the opposite. You worked, you earned a little, and there was no craving to give it to some dirty capitalist. For example, such as Boscarol, to whom the armed part of the left wing revolution Miha Kordiš promised that he would “push” him into the sea with a bayonet after the victory of the eco-socialist proletarian revolution. One home guard said this was a criminal threat, which is a lie because there was no prosecutor in the country who would recognise it. End of story.

So when the Levica party wins, we will start with nationalisations (how it will be with liquidations, they have not yet spoken), because there is no other way from capitalism to eco-socialism than to take. You do not steal, as the fascists say with impunity. The leftists will just come and take it, as the trade unionist Lidija Jerkič has already pointed out. This will be a modern-day original accumulation of left wing capital, on which they will then build a society of the same and equal, which is also written in the programme of the Levica – that the active and inactive must get the same. That is, the one who works and the one who does not work. This is more than the communism that Tito promised us. This is also the reason why mainly those others who do not work cycle and protest against the dictatorship of Janez Janša every Friday.

When it comes to nationalisation, I am only interested in one thing – how will we take Gorenje from the Chinese? If you ask me – with a war. Then Gorenje will once again have workers’ self-management, about which director Ivan Atelšek once told Delo that “self-management has borders as well and a cleaner cannot decide on large development investments because it does not assume any managerial risk…”, and as punishment he was transferred somewhere to Ljubljana. However, ten years earlier, he would have disappeared.

Communism is also a fun project. When my brother and I were in sixth grade, we suffered because a few classmates already had real Levi’s from Trieste. That is why out mother also bought us Levi’s – from Varteks, from an unknown thin fabric with an imitation of jeans on it. I know we cried, but at the time we did not understand that jeans in Trieste were capitalist hogwash.

Today, in criminal capitalism, Varteks is making real Levi’s…

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.


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