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(Letters – from victory to victory) Reserve echelons of the revolution

By: Vinko Vasle

As the revolution is not yet showing its best, as the dictator refuses to resign voluntarily, we have been forced to call up our supporting reserves. Thus, our head of the Udba and the Party Milan Kučan went on a tour of Slovenia and first stopped in Hitler’s historic city of Maribor, where our future, that is, young people in high school, spoke about current issues of our social reality. He pointed out that STA is important for our truth because if STA is not ours, the truth will be from someone else. His essential message, however, was that we humans have the right to speak, and the government has no right to be deaf. However, he did not say who the author of this quote was, because the Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn said something similar. Only this would not go into the Party context of Milan Kučan’s expressed thoughts. The meeting of the Kučan clan with young people was immediately desecrated by the Home Guard, who called it ideological paedophilia.

Historians also play an important role and place in revolutions. Giuseppe Pierazzi is a bit historically troubled and will be used as an extreme force. Therefore, he is well replaced by the middle-aged Party historical force Božo Repe, who finally uttered the fateful words in the public house that there are real and false historians, and the real ones are those who know history as it should be. Months ago, he also physically proved the difference between true and false historians, when he did not want to shake hands with Dr Jože Možina, who politely offered his hand to Repe. I would not shake hands with him either, because the “Slovenian schism” went into tens of thousands of copies sold, and the “First President” into a few dozens. This is probably a crime.

It was also a great idea for the public house to catch the already cobwebby Danilo Tuerk somewhere. This is the one that Kofi Annan got rid of at the UN because he was too capable, and Tuerk threatened to run for the next UN chief due to revenge. And nothing happened. Barbara Miklič, his wife, still regrets this to date. She already had her suitcases packed, and after it was rumoured that she wanted to separate from him because of it, not because of some affair called the Blue Lagoon after the beautiful Vasilka Sancin, whom Tuerk taught diplomatic skills until his prostate was operated on abroad. Tuerk is now talking around that the government is unconstitutional because it applied the 1995 unconstitutional law. This is nonsense, only in a revolution everything comes in handy.

Hitler and Stalin were also historical figures

An important, if not the most important part of our revolution, however, is the Constitutional Court. There, most judge as they should, if I use Repe’s maxim about historians. And what it judges constitutionally is always right. Namely, it was constitutionally established that Janez Drnovšek wrote an unconstitutional law in 1995, due to which freedom of speech, freedom of the media, freedom of the opposition and the right to protest were endangered in key moments of the pandemic. In fact, the constitutional message is the ingenious truth that a pandemic is not above the human right to walk freely, to demonstrate freely, because that also presupposes the right to be freely dead. Or something like that.

That things are very serious because Janša does not want to resign is also evidenced by the fact that the Constitutional Court, as a reserve echelon of the revolution, also called in Josip Broz Tito as the ideologically motivating link that would unite the forces of the otherwise slightly disintegrated opposition. After Tito, the Constitutional Court and the burek coalition. That is why the mayor of Radenci, Roman Leljak, was ordered to return Tito’s honour and reputation to a certain street, arguing that he was a historical figure. By the way, so were Hitler and Stalin. However, once upon a time, the Constitutional Court ruled that the Ljubljana road should not be named after Tito because he was a shitty murderous dictator. Not quite with those words, but in context. Why this gap, do not ask yourself, because in a revolution it does not make sense. The reference to the preamble of our constitution that Tito’s SFRY did not function as a state governed by the rule of law and that human rights were severely violated in it is also stupid, because it could imply the idea that the Constitutional Court has now violated the constitution.

However, the Constitutional Court informed us that the constitution can also be unconstitutional.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.


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