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(Letters – from victory to victory) Protocol for placing covid in the school system

By: Vinko Vasle

(1) The union of anti-vaccines in the school system, managed by Branimir Štrukelj, requires the Ministry of Infrastructure to prepare appropriate guidelines so that teachers can find their jobs. Justification: Due to longer teaching from home, it is no longer clear to them where they have to report at the beginning of the school year. They also demand that the traffic regulations be supplemented so that they can also turn left, not just right.

(2) The Civil Initiative Against the Dictator demands that an organised transport of pupils and students to their home schools be prepared in order to protect them from the danger posed by vaccinated persons. Buses must be properly equipped, without the supply of outside air due to the possibility of vaccination infections.

(3) The Minister of Education, Simona Kustec, is obliged to immediately meet with the caretakers of primary and secondary schools and provide them with instructions on where to enter the school and in what way. Is there more than one front door or is there only one? What to do in case stairs lead to the front door? What does it mean if there are no stairs? How to handle if the front door is double door, or just single door?

(4) CISP human rights lawyers will be on duty every day at school doors to prevent the entry of irresponsible persons (schoolchildren and students) in masks, so that no one is found among them who accidentally or irresponsibly vaccinated, or had themselves tested before arrival.

(5) Branimir Štrukelj, manager of the trade union for human education, will personally check the conduct of principals and, in the event that individuals follow the dangerous instructions of the NIJZ, will initiate appropriate criminal proceedings. Principals must be a role model to their pupils and students, and a principal who, for example, wears a mask, or has been vaccinated or tested, is not suitable for the education system and should be recalled.

(6) The Constitutional Court will also delegate an impartial observer, in this case Rok Čeferin, to systematically check in schools how the decisions of the Constitutional Court on human rights are respected. The human rights of schoolchildren, pupils and students are before the right to non-infection.

(7) From September 1st, 2021, the Constitutional Court will also organise a twenty-four-hour duty to accept constitutional complaints.

(8) The KUL Commission, composed of Lidija Divjak Mirnik, Marko Bandelli, Violeta Tomić and Marko Koprivc, prepares the ideological starting points of the protocol, which must be obligatory for all. Also for right wing schoolchildren and students and potential non-left wing principals – if that exists at all. The basic premise is already contained in the anti-fascist resolutions that in the event of non-compliance with the covid proposals, a decree on the transfer of the enemy’s property to the state, i.e. the property of the left, should be prepared; it is therefore a seizure of property. The very existence of the coalition, especially the SDS and Janez Janša parties, is considered a war crime and the crime of their helpers. These are particularly collectively expropriated due to the proliferation of anti-corona protocols, which are deeply at odds with people’s right to self-determination on the measures they will take. Only measures and instructions coordinated at the highest level of the opposition are taken into account.

(9) The CISP, the Covid Alcoholics Anonymous initiative, allows only the following antiviral measures: sneezing and coughing, but only in the left sleeve and classroom ventilation, but only with a special closed system to prevent vaccinated infections from penetrating the school.

(10) The CISP requires that, if there is a large group of pupils and students who have already been vaccinated, their parents be reported to the prosecutor’s office and the pupils be exempted from compulsory primary schooling until the end of the vaccination incubation period – about five years. Whereas, it prohibits high school students from studying because they have proven by vaccination that nothing helps them.

(11) European Commissioner for Crisis Response Janez Lenarčič, President of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel from Fifa, CPC President Robert Šumi and Ombudsman Peter Svetina collectively ensure that vaccinators fail to bring the virus of responsibility into the school system.

(12) In Ljubljana, next to the monument to Boris Kidrič, a correspondingly smaller, 30 cm large monument to the Information Commissioner Mojca Prelesnik will be build. For each covid deceased, the height of the monument is increased by 1 cm.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist and writer.


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