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(Letters – from victory to victory) Investigation of an irreproachable Vesel

By: Vinko Vasle

Excerpts from the forensic investigation of a well-founded suspicion of innocence of the President of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel. The main role is played by the president of the corruption commission Robert Šumi and friends against a friend Tomaž Vesel. Legal support: Ljubo Bavcon, collected revolutionary works, Aleksander Čeferin, interpreter of dilemmas, Rajko Pirnat-Muci, TRR professional assistance, witness Boris Štefanec. Sources used: explanations by Tomaž Vesel.

The Commission notes at the outset that there are no signs or infringements, let alone any serious act, in the case of the President of the Court of Audit. It unanimously agrees that this is the basis of the explanation of the integrity and non-corruption of Tomaž Vesel, it is only necessary to find appropriate arguments, which can also be reproduced. What does that mean? In music, for example, it is possible to recreate the playing of Beethoven’s piano concerto, and in law it is possible and even desirable to recreate interpretations of laws and articles that do not correspond to the introductory preamble on the innocence of Tomaž Vesel.

The fact is that high-ranking officials are subject to the so-called incompatibility of performing the function, which does not apply to the mentioned, as his work for FIFA is compatible with the contract he has with this humanitarian association. It is established that Tomaž Vesel does not really play football, so it is not a sport activity, but on the other hand his work for FIFA is completely non-profit. If the question of 200 thousand euros of payment per year arises, it should be explained to the lay public that the amount is not important, because even one euro, as much as coffee costs, can be corruption. As allegations may arise that parsley sellers at the market could also be punished, it should be noted that an important part of the rule of law is the prosecution of the green mafia.

So where did the CPC’s consent get lost?

The Home Guard and right wing comparison between Aleksandra Pivec and Tomaž Vesel cases must be nipped in the bud. Namely, the corruption commission treats each case separately and not comparatively, so it is of course quite possible that someone is found to be corrupt for the same act of lesser value, and someone else is considered innocent for a million times higher act. In this regard, when writing the final report, the commission turned to Ljubo Bavcon to give it an appropriate explanation, which will be included in the report as evidence.

The CPC commission notes the relative embarrassment because the legally required consent of the CPC to play football at FIFA in the amount of 200,000 euros per year of non-profit income cannot be found. Despite the embarrassment, the CPC commission creatively believes that firstly there is consensus, but it got lost in a bureaucratic labyrinth somewhere between former CPC president Boris Štefanec and Tomaž Vesel. And secondly, there is no consensus in the CPC system, which is strange, but this can happen in even better companies. For example, it is known about the loss of a computer and disks in the famous case of pornography of MP Andrej Magajna. After seven years, the appointee was acquitted, which is sufficient for the introduction of comparative practice in the case of Tomaž Vesel. The Commission thus firmly rejects possible insinuations that the case of Vesel’s financial pornographic story was also in the case of 200,000 euros per year, because the amount of non-profit is absolutely irrelevant for this matter. The Commission would take the suspicion of half a cent of corruption equally seriously and rigorously. The problem is that both Vesel and Štefanec each gave five to eight versions of this permit, but so much time has passed since the act that they really cannot remember it anymore.

Drago Kos gave a written opinion

To confirm its findings on innocence, the CPC commission also wanted the written opinion of Drago Kos, NLB’s financial forensic scientist, but CPC had to give this up because Kos, in accordance with NLB practice, charges 178 euros plus VAT for one word. Rajko Pirnat offered the commission two options: 1. that Vesel is guilty, which costs 143 euros without VAT, 2. that Vesel is innocent, which costs 34,000 euros with VAT. Variant 2 is suiting.

The commission also engaged the support of cyclists who carried the slogans “Happy for the President” and one walked with the slogan “Happy for the President of North Korea”. He was beaten because he was a militiaman.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.


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