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[Letters – from victory to victory] Bare-handed Kučan and the enemy in underwear

By: Vinko Vasle

Slovenia has changed a lot since the plebiscite thirty years ago. Foreign Slovenes have integrated – Magnifico is advertised in Slovene national costume and with a well-known statement that he was in that small percentage of people who were against independence. Čordič privatised Ivan Cankar, who was murdered by his ancestors, and the Serbian Spomenka Diklić was proclaimed the mother of the Slovene nation. All three of them are not from stupid right-wing humanitarian intentions to prove their commitment to the homeland of Slovenia, but for patriotic money. Independence paid off the most for Spomenka Diklić, when she retired a little over the threshold of puberty, as she committed a fatal act to stop the right-wing when she broke Demos party.

For the end of the year, it is appropriate to think about the best event, or the best personality. The pandemic and the virus are really powerful events, but what are they compared to what we, the proud successors of the Communists and post-war massacres in Huda Jama, have long expected – that the history of independence is also revised officially.

Who else but the RTV public house (brothel) made this possible for us with a highest ranking selection of independence fighters, among whom Milan Kučan certainly stands out. It has long been unjustly silenced that Kučan personally with bare hands opposed one of the most powerful armies in Europe, as it was said – and that is YPA. Arguments and evidence for this also exist in the photographs, which are still under construction.

Disarmament of the army – The act of independence of the communists

Milan Kučan’s tactic was, of course, exceptional. In order to defend the Slovenian nation and his ass, as the nationalist militia (domobran) badly say, that at the first wag of the generals from Belgrade, he quickly said that Slovenia’s independence was not his intimate option. As the right-wingers were still forcing with the state of thousand dreams when Yugo tanks were already driving on the roads, he quickly signed a declaration of peace, which attacked the draft of the Slovene army and to this act comradely communistically prepared the majority of the country’s presidency, such as Ciril Zlobec, Dušan Pluto-Lubenica and Matjaž Kmecl. Only Ivan Oman, in a clerical-right-wing manner, did not agree with the abolition of the Slovene army and the revolts against Milošević’s Yugoslavia. An interesting fact is that at least half of the signatories of that declaration have recently signed a number of anti-Janša petitions. Historically speaking, of course, this was, at that time in 1991, an act of high treason, but after revision it is clear that it was a tactic of deceiving the enemy, which easily divided Slovenes between our and non-ours, and made an exceptional list of 500 Slovenes who would be taken in the well-known geographical resorts of the party in Kočevski Rog. In CK ZKS (Slovenian Communist Party Central Committee), where the list was being prepared for Belgrade with the help of Udba (the state security administration under the communist regime), these 500 were called traitors of the self-governing socialist Yugoslavia under the leadership of Josip Broz, who had been dead for a decade but still very present. Namely, communists return like zombies after they die, so they are eternal and it is not true that they disappeared, that they are no more, which is irresponsibly spread even by some members of our party (communistic party). In terms of revising history, we can thus hint that Tanja Fajon was a Moscow KGB correspondent in a previous life, and after the communistic re-incarnation, she became the bearer of a tyrannical party called Fajonism.

Certainly the most important act of independence was the act of disarming the Slovene territorial defence, when Milan Kučan knew for three days what was happening and kept silent. Whereby, he, between the lines, told the generals of the Yugoslav People’s Army and Slobodan Milošević that the Slovene nation would resist the mighty force even bare handed, which also happened. Then and still today, the Janša’s dictatorial ideological forces describe Kučan as the primary bearer of high treason, and after a historical revision it is known that Kučan knew nothing about the YPA disarmament of the TO (Slovenian Territorial Defence), expect from the first day onwards. When he thought that the peace declaration campaign had succeeded, he ordered a disarmament ban. I cannot even imagine that the Slovene army at that time would have all the weapons, because then there would not be a ten-day Slovene war, but a two-day war, and the ship of the aggressors would not leave Koper, rather they would go away on foot in their underwear. Pure right-wing dehumanisation.

Vinko Vasle is a longtime journalist and editor and former director of Radio Slovenia.


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