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(Letters – from victory to victory) A little about the love of Tito and Hitler

By: Vinko Vasle

There is currently a bit of a weird and unusual competition going on in the country over who is the bigger hero – Josip Broz Tito or Adolf Hitler. Leftists and communists demand that we take side with one or the other. I do not know, however, what the prosecution would have done if someone had opted for both. For security reasons, I will therefore declare that the greatest hero was Tito – while he was still alive. But even that can be a double-edged sword.

This dilemma was first tackled by the proud successor of the murderers, Marko Koprivc, who asked the government and the Ministry of Culture to answer the question: “Is Hitler a hero?” Koprivc is a deceived communist and, as has been said, a successor. That is why some time ago, together with Tanja Fajon and the then president Dejan Židan, he went to pay homage to the great monument of the hero and revolutionary Boris Kidrič. His monument is great because his murderous heroic deeds are also great. So I can write that the bigger the killer, the bigger the hero. Take a look at Tito’s monument in Velenje.

The historical problem, however, is that there were times when communists and Nazis were allies, and back then you could have lost your head even if you were against Hitler. One such traitor to Adolf was Angela Vode, who was expelled from the party for embarrassing Hitler and the Party and received fair lustration for the rest of her life. You will not find any information in the official historical works that the districts are known for the fact that the communists in Trbovlje walked the streets together with the Nazis on May 1st, 1941 and shouted “Sieg Heil” and “Heil Hitler”. When Stalin and Hitler fought because they could not agree on who would occupy what in Europe, the districts also became red and anti-fascist, and they still are today. So we can say that Stalin is basically to blame for Hitler not being a hero. But Stalin was our great hero, and if you were against Stalin until 1948, you were killed, and if you were for Stalin in 1948, you were also killed. Tito and the Party never ran out of revolutionary imagination, and the people blamed themselves for not recognising the liquidating trends of the Communist Party in time. We can conclude this: there were times when you had to be for Hitler on behalf of the Communists, and now there are times when you have to be against Hitler. And this is again decided by the Communist Party – this time by Tanja Fajon.

The relationship between the number of Nazis and fascists and the loyal Party in Slovenia is again decided by the leftists and Tanja Fajon with her radical revolutionaries such as Matjaž Nemec and the already mentioned Koprivc. In political crises such as the dictator and Janez Janša, there are more Nazis and fascists in the country, but when the crisis passes, there are fewer. It is, however, the duty of every conscientious communist to search for the Nazis and fascists with all his might, which is interesting because they abandoned the rhetoric about the Home Guard, and I wonder if they have finally been rehabilitated. Especially since you will also find information in official history that the Home Guard was more dangerous than the Nazis and fascists during the Second World War. That is why the communists in the National Liberation War fought with them more than with the Hitler’s – moreover, they made such and other alliances with them during the war. So it is no wonder that in our country, individuals are completely confused because nothing is clear to them anymore, and then, just in case, they say that Dolfi was a hero. History likes to repeat itself as a farce, and who knows when the times of Hitler’s worship will be again, they say, confused and frightened.

But something is really true. If you say in Germany that Hitler was a hero, you are sentenced to a long prison term. However, if you say here that Tito was a hero, you can become the head of proud successors, the president of the Supreme Court, the prosecutor’s office, and you can also become the president of the country. Here, you cannot become all that if you think Tito was not a hero. With his 500,000 victims, he can be nothing but a hero.

But there is also a bit of confusion in our ranks! While leftists and communists are mostly for Tito, for example, the slightly eccentric Marjan Šarec, who adores Hitler, goes to Šmarca for Mass in the morning and shouts about fascists and Nazis in the afternoon after wrestling celebrations. And he is kind of a clerical communist.

But this can also be a disease…


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