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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hamas produces animated cartoon promoting terrorism

By: V4 Agency

The short film encourages young people to damage the electrical grid and to attack Israeli soldiers and repairmen with stones and Molotov cocktails.

The roughly two-minute long animated cartoon video was made by the West Bank wing of the terrorist organisation Hamas, which also released it on Telegram. The film shows two Palestinian boys joyfully plotting a terror attack against Israeli forces.

The scene plays out at night in a hilly area in the West Bank, where the two boys stage terrorist attacks against Israeli targets and, apparently, have a blast.

In one scene, the boys get their petrol bombs ready for an attack and set up wooden planks studded with nails on the road to puncture the tyres of incoming Israeli vehicles.

After a brief interlude, the short film shows one of the young terrorists looking ahead with binoculars as an Israeli military jeep arrives and the wooden planks with nails puncture its tyres, forcing the vehicle to stop.

As soon as the soldiers within the jeep get out to check what happened, one of the boys shouts “Allahu Akbar” and sends a boulder rolling towards the car. Then the boys collectively hurl Molotov cocktails at the jeep, setting it aflame. The screen then blacks out as the words “Resistance. Innovation. Willpower ” appear on-screen.

Hamas has held terrorist training summer camps for children in the past, where young Palestinians were taught how to carry out kidnappings of Israeli soldiers, use firearms and infiltrate Israel through underground tunnels duz bz the terror group.

According to the Times of Israel, such camps occur every year and aim to prepare the next generation of Palestinian youth for conflict with Israel.

The terrorist organisation has already made and published a similar cartoon. In that, a Palestinian youth disguised as a security guard grabs the real security officer’s firearm, and then kills him and other innocent people inside a mall.



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