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France: Town Trappes under complete Muslim control

By: V4 Agency

A teacher who raised awareness about the overwhelming Muslim influence in a town has received a string of death threats, and he has been under constant police protection for months now. According to a renowned publicist, the town is no longer governed by the laws of the republic.

The case of a philosophy professor who was mortally threatened in France has received widespread media coverage. The teacher became the target of death threats because he said the Muslim youth should be protected from Islamist influence. He has been going to work with a police escort since last November, and he said besides his students, even some of his colleagues have turned against him, accusing him of racism.

In 2010, 26 per cent of the town’s 30 thousand residents were immigrants. According to 2005 data published by the weekly Valeurs actuelles, at least one parent of every under-18 kid was an came from abroad. The population of the town, made up of some 50 ethnic groups, is brought together by only common denominator: 70 per cent of them consider themselves Muslims.

Speaking in the popular Face a l’info show Dimitri Pavlenko, a journalist at Radio Classique, also highlighted the strong Muslim presence int he town.

He said the town in question, Trappes, can be considered a real hotbed of Islamism. In France, the highest number of radicalised Islamists live here. Of them, some 400 individuals appear in the so-called S-register [a database of those posing a security threat], but Trappes is also known for being the town from where the largest contingent of men have left for Syria. According to an article by Valeurs actuelles published in September 2016, around 50 people have travelled to the Middle East to participate in violent jihad.

Reflecting on the words of Dimitri Pavlenko, the famous essayist Eric Zemmour tweeted “Trappes is a Muslim city,  governed by Islamic law. It is no longer a French territory.”

The case of the threatened teacher drew the attention of other public figures, as well. Speaking on a CNews TV programme, MP Francois Pupponi stressed that in today’s France both public and private schools can hire Islamic teachers who pose a threat to national security and whose names are listed in the S-register.

Weighing in on the issue, right-wing MP Marine Le Pen asked: “How can we claim to be fighting Islamism if we are letting Islamists teach our children?” According to the politician, Islamists must be expelled from public service positions with immediate effect.


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