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EU funding for improving drinking water supply in Slovenj Gradec


Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has approved EU funding for the project Improving supply of safe drinking water in Urban Municipality Slovenj Gradec. The EUR 4.5 million environmental infrastructure project will be implemented by Urban Municipality Slovenj Gradec under the Agreement on the development of the Koroška region and supported by the EU, with the contribution from the Cohesion Fund standing at over EUR 2.5 million.

Urban Municipality Slovenj Gradec intends to ensure a reliable, stable and safe supply of drinking water for all residents connected to the Slovenj Gradec – Suhi dol public water supply system. To this end, a total of 10,535 meters of missing water pipelines will be installed at sections Mrakov hrib, Gmajna, Legenska planota and Brda as part of the project, so that altogether 457 residents will be newly connected to and served by the public water supply system. Another 518 extra residents will also be connected to the system after the pipeline installation between Suhi dol and Mislinjska Dobrava. A drinking water treatment plant will be constructed at the drinking water source Suhi dol to ensure that the water entering the plant is treated properly and that the water leaving the plant to be distributed to people is pure and safe. In addition, three pumping stations and a water storage tank will also be constructed in the scope of the project.


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