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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Donald Trump wasn’t really a President. He was never allowed to actually govern

by Cvetin Chilimanov

Donald Trump wasn’t really a President. He was never allowed to actually govern. His 2016 campaign was a war on two fronts, against both the opponent’s party and his own. He beat the opponent, but his own party never forgave him. He had very few people from the Republican party willing to work with him, and those who did were often just biding their time for when to skip the administration and try sell their dramatic testimony of chaos in the White House to the press.

Those who were apparently real loyalists, like General Flynn, were put on trial. It is amazing how many former Trump advisers are actually in prison,often for crimes that could easily be prosecuted on the other political side, but never are. Trump faced an FBI investigation into his family, an impeachment on bogus charges, years of allegations about ties to Russia, and the former heads of the main security services are now working for CNN, after openly engaging to destroy him. In instances where Trump would find a person he trusts to appoint to head a Government agency, it was quickly revealed that its staff works to undermine any attempt to change policy, or as Trump promised – Drain the Swamp.You need to go really far to the east of Europe to reach similar levels of open servility of the media, security services and the bureaucracy to one party.
On top of this the person was very unfocused and prone to anger, that alienated even some people who could help him. His main success was the economy, which works best when the Government tampers with it least. That is why he is a great economic President – he did the least amount of harm and allowed his people to work freely, without difficult

Government bureaucracy weighing them down. Similarly, his main foreign policy successes also came from him doing nothing – not starting any new wars or colored revolutions.
That is all about to change. The Swamp is about to have its President, and Biden already announced that he has a list of enemies. Among them are Eastern European countries who elected conservative Governments, like Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, and who will now face US funded colored revolutions (Poland and Bulgaria already do). Macedonia suffered its US engineered colored revolution in 2015 and it had all the elements combined – a push for open borders and uncontrolled migration (in our case the migrants just passed through but that will not be the case with Slovenia), assault on traditional and family values, attacks on the church and our history, and most pronounced in our case – the destruction of the nation state. Macedonia is pressured to change its name and national identity and into a arrangement with the regional Albanian countries that mean we no longer qualify as a Macedonian state. It was all inspired by the radical left wing products of the badly diseases American universities, and we are about to see their effects on the US.

Cvetin Chilimanov is a respected and internationally acclaimed Macedonian journalist and expert on geopolitical issues. He is right-wing oriented, he explores and reveals the backgrounds of George Soros’ destructive actions in the Balkans. He is a lawyer by education.


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