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Coins Issued Soon to Mark 30 Yrs of Slovenian Independence

By: V4 Agency

Slovenia’s central bank will issue collector coins in the coming days to commemorate the 30th independence anniversary. This year’s commemorative coins will mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of the author of the first Slovenian grammar book Adam Bohorič. The coins will be available for purchase starting on 23 December.

Banka Slovenije said it would bring into circulation 500 gold coins marking the independence anniversary at the price of EUR 420, 1,000 silver 50-euro coins, 40,000 bi-coloured regular three-euro coins, and 750 bi-coloured three-euro coins in BU quality at the price of EUR 16.

Slovenia in Your Pocket: Coins that Celebrate the Culture

The bank will also release a collection of Adam Bohorič coins featuring 990,500 regular two-euro commemorative coins and 2,000 coins in BU quality at the price of EUR 15.

The commemorative coins are legal tender in all eurozone countries, while collector coins can be used as a means of payment only in Slovenia.

All the coins will be available for purchase in selected branches of Deželna Banka Slovenije, company Moro & Kunst and at the Banka Slovenije’s cashier’s desk. If the epidemiological situation does not allow in-person sale, the sale will be organised via post.

Next year, the commemorative coins will mark the 200th anniversary of the predecessor of the National Museum and collector coins will commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Škofja Loka Passion, an early 18th-century play.


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