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Coachmen of false justice

By: Jože Biščak

Almost five months ago, French President Emmanuel Macron “attacked” Georges Malbrunot, a journalist for the French Newspaper Le Figaro. The “dispute”, which did not arouse excessive media attention, ended in 24 hours, it never occurred to anyone to accuse France of curtailing media freedom, and no journalistic organisation came forward. Guy Verhofstadt, MEP, Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission, and Frans Timmermans, who never miss an opportunity to speak out when it comes to the media in Poland, Hungary, or Slovenia, were also silent. That is logical. Macron, nonetheless, is the man who defeated National Front President Marine Le Pen in the 2017 election and “protected” the land of the Gallic rooster from right wing domination. They also make allowances for him regarding his current actions with tougher views on Islam, as they know that this is a campaign ahead of next year’s election. Then he will once again roll back into the globalist and value-liberal rails.

These guardians of morality of the new world order do not even respond when media houses fire journalists, editors, and leaders with “wrong” views and values. There are countless such cases in Western Europe today, and word of this does not reach the country on the sunny side of the Alps solely because of the silence of the media mainstream. That is why they make a big deal when Janez Janša, Viktor Orbán, or Mateusz Morawiecki talk about the media and manipulative reporting. That is when a well-organised globalist journalistic cabal, living in a world of hatred for anything that does not conform to their beliefs, comes along. The school example is the latest anger against Janša, who “dared” to object to the written lies and manipulations of Lili Bayer. The Politico journalist accused the Prime Minister of war and hatred of the media, although the truth is diametrically opposed: left-leaning media incite hatred and are starting a war with the center-right government.

Anyone who follows events beyond the borders at least a little will notice that the agenda of the left wing avant-garde is the same everywhere. This is not on the side of their value system, it is fascism, racism, xenophobia, it is hatred. The system began to operate in the West at the turn of the millennium, when revolutionaries from the 1960s established themselves in teaching positions, who meanwhile re-educated at least one generation of young people with Marxist doctrine. There was no response from the conservative direction, because on the right we believe in freedom of opinion and positions, thus there were no attempts of balancing. That was a mistake. We naively expected that the youth of generation X, who had been brainwashed by the baby boom generation, and who today hold important positions in the media, education, public administration, and governments, would be tolerant of dissenters. But a generation of intimidating, totalitarian-prone people has grown up who have laid the foundations of the system with a desire for a great replacement of ancient, traditional ideas and laws.

The barbarians of Marxism, hidden behind the idea of progressiveness and liberal democracy, presented as the core values of Europe, began the systematic transformation of plasticine-like generations into grotesque, amoebic beings who oppress enlightened elites through the media. Their existence, removed from everything natural, depends on the success of secularisation. Belief in the grace of God, followed by our ancestors and which gave rise to the glorious Western civilisation, has become a sign of backwardness, an ancient tradition (from clear biological sex and family through national consciousness and cultural tradition to fundamental freedoms) is marked by its proponents as fascist, so it must be persecuted and suppressed by all means.

It is hard to believe how the competitive battle of views is disappearing, how simply some accept the religion of one-mindedness as the latest fashion trend – as the only legitimate direction. Above all, how quickly completely ordinary people join the frenzy and become grounded intruders who help to suppress different opinions, just to flatter the false icons of justice. The latter, believe me, are leading the waggon and the horse into the abyss.

Jože Biščak, editor of the magazine Demokracija


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