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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Camera obscura

By: Franci Kindlhofer

When I watch left wing creatures from the KUL opposition covering their desperate faces with masks every night on Slovenian television, I am inadvertently afraid that we will soon reach a dangerous point when people will start to feel sorry for them and will receive involuntary sympathies.

They seem to me like visitors of camera obscura who see the whole reality upside down. However, if someone from their camp wants to see what the real picture is like, they have to turn themselves upside down, which is very tiring. In addition, the leadership of the left wing parties does not approve of this, as standing on one’s head, which is better supplied with blood, and can clear one’s mind. This is the last thing the left wants from its subjects.

To this day, it is not clear who wrote the RAT on Erjavec’s garden door. It is possible that it was someone of his kind who has stood on his head before, as it is not to be expected that anyone on the right wing would have such a good opinion of Erjavec’s intelligence. However, I think that every man has a right to his/her character and such comparisons are uncultured.

Although, I can take this opportunity to take a closer look at the lives of these intelligent animals. In cities, their favorited residences are sewer systems. In Ljubljana, too, this system is quite well distributed and covers even a quarter of Murgle. These animals are well organised and because they live mainly underground, in an environment invisible to us, we can also call their community a deep state. Those with red tails play a leading role. Otherwise, they could also be recognised by the fact that they are better bred than others. They do not feed on waste from large sewers, but they have at their disposal a system of smaller canals that lead to various institutions, institutes, banks, and to old (communist) party stocks. Of course, what I have written here is just a metaphor for what is really going on above the ground. As these animals underground eat just enough to be full, unlike many people who live in a similar way as I described. Even the similarity of these people with the mentioned animals is only accidental.

Let’s go back to the desperate observers in the camera obscura. Instead of leaving this camera, which shows the upside down world, and stepped into a real life and do their best to help overcome the accumulated problems and build a life-friendly society, they want to enlarge the camera to a larger space where they can attract as many people to show them how everything in Slovenia is upside down, and that this is the reality. The money to enlarge this camera is on the horizon, but in the wrong hands. It is supposed to be at the disposal of a democratic government, which is likely to waste it on stabilising the economy, mitigating the effects of the pandemic, health care and, shamefully, even greater security for the country. Thus, there is a justified danger that nothing will be left for the Murgel distribution station. And they need the money so desperately to establish a better government. MPs, however, are becoming more and more expensive, and they have become corrupt and disobedient. Probably more and more of them are being turned upside down in the obscura.

Franci Kindlhofer is vice-president of the Association of Political Prisoners and Other Victims of Communist Violence.


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