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A threat that is/was different from others

By: Jože Biščak

We have already seen everything, we have heard everything, we have already felt everything. Even political commentators, self-proclaimed economists, empathetic sociologists, opinion formers, firefighters of fascism and racism, and prophets on-call are not inventing anything new. As befits the caviar-socialists, they still have a silver ring for silk napkins next to dinnerware. Then there are no more sinister right-wing storm clouds to warn against. Like mandarins, they are well-supplied and, with the help of the media mainstream, placed at the top of the cultural revolution, which will miraculously eliminate social discord caused by the reactionary bourgeois Western tradition. Another day or two, hold on a little longer and be patient, they say, then you will all have silver rings on your silk cutlery napkins.

The leftist elite is not upset. At least the old one does not exaggerate with the speed of the heart rate. They are also discussing their plans for the future, which they have been experimenting with for decades (through both systems) and have always ended in disaster, alongside increasingly older wines. They have more or less done their job, they have brought up an army of aggressive provokers who will not hesitate to resort to physical violence and liquidations. And the first signs of this evolving concept, backed by the red fighters against poverty and capitalist exploitation, are threats.

So (once again) I was at the Bežigrad Police Station last weekend. This time, not because of the accusations made by left wing activists and the Slovenian Journalists’ Association, which see the promotion of racism and xenophobia everywhere in Demokracija magazine, but because of two letters we received from the editorial board. It was written in a creepy way, as the successors of the communist ideology promised to the editors and journalists of the magazine that they will slaughter us and our families.

These were not swearwords and coined adjectives that they are constantly inventing as they go, nor it was ridicule and slander of what we all are. These were not even the usual threats to which we are exposed every day and are also aware of them, as the journalistic profession poses a certain risk; you can never be liked by everyone, you can never please everyone. There is always someone who would like to exchange opinions and views with their fists about a particular article.

This threat was not like that; this threat was different from the others. It is clear from the letters that the sender is “disturbed” by our conservative worldview, our negative attitude towards progressivism. Therefore, this was an act of a psychopath, ideologically pumped by an increasingly radical left. To this violence is becoming a legitimate mean of confronting with all who have a different view of the world and the events around them. Of course, champagne leftists will not get their hands dirty with this. Educated psychopaths and career criminals are much more adept at the ultimate solution because they distract attention from complacent first-rated people in the mediapolis, where lies and manipulation are the main carriers of communication. They just live in a parallel world; reality is taboo for them. And the reality can be very cruel, commissioned threats and liquidations are part of this strategy. That is why the editorial board took the threats extremely seriously. You know, it was the same with Charlie Hebdo. First, threats that no one took seriously, then the police arrested some of the obsessives (who saw Islamophobia in a French satirical magazine), followed by an editorial massacre. And those who should have cut the madness earlier were photographed in the Place de la République in Paris with the inscriptions Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie). As a mockery.

By no means do I want anything like this to happen in the editorial office of Demokracija, nor for anyone to carry the caption I am Demokracija in the procession. This would instruct everyone that the only true ideology is progressivism, at the same time the funeral of conservative journalism, the end of reality. I really never thought it would be necessary to defend with a sword the claim that the sun is yellow, the snow white, and the grass green.

Jože Biščak is editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists.


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