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The catastrophic migrant policy of the Social Democrats

By Andrej Sekulović

Although there are clear exceptions, such as Denmark, in most European countries the Social Democrats are the main initiators of mass migration. What does this mean for Slovenia under the new government? Integration has proved unsuccessful in Europe, but the Social Democrats are still pushing for a policy of open borders.

Mass migrations are intensified and supported mainly by left-wing parties in alliance with globalist corporations. The former wants new voters, while the latter wants to create a world without borders, in which, according to their needs around the globe, they can move masses of workers – consumers, where they are needed in a given situation. The eradication of man and the erasure of individual ethnocultural identities are a necessity for a wonderful new world that will suit globalists and modern leftist ideologies. Meanwhile, conservative parties and movements – insofar as they themselves are not under the influence of globalism – remain sceptical of such a worldview and more or less successfully oppose legislation that would promote major population change and allow for constant migration. Globalists and leftists will not deviate from their vision of a new world, regardless of the fact that their decisions cause chaos and violence in European and Western societies. Although expected given his political affiliation, the announcement by new Prime Minister Robert Golob that he will remove the fence at the southern border is also worrying in this light. Even more worrying, however, is that we have a new Minister of Foreign Affairs who is known for her support for mass migration.

Wrong migrant policy

Tanja Fajon’s Social Democrats are big proponents of open borders and opponents of their enhanced security. As MEP, the new Foreign Minister advocated in Brussels for the abolition of visas for Kosovo citizens and for the rights of migrants. When she recently met for the first time in Ljubljana with the Austrian Foreign Minister from the conservative Austrian People’s Party, Alexander Schallenberg, as Foreign Minister, he did not deviate from Austria’s position to maintain control over the internal Schengen Slovenian-Austrian border. In addition to the war in Ukraine, he cited a 120% increase in illegal border crossings in recent months. The reason for this is probably that Fajon informed him about the plans to remove the fence on the Slovenian southern border. Austria has been extending border controls since 2015, when it introduced it due to the migrant crisis at the time. According to police reports, Slovenian police officers are already facing constant mass migrations daily. On the first weekend in June, there were as many as 12 illegal border crossings in Dolenjska region. Migrants, however, come from everywhere – from Afghanistan to Cuba.

Amnesty for illegal migrants in Germany

Tanja Fajon pursues a migrant policy typical of leftists. Migrations are thus also intensifying in Germany, where the so-called traffic light coalition of a Social Democrat Olaf Scholz is in power. Angela Merkel has already opened its doors to Germany and imported a record number of foreigners, and the current government is stepping up this. Already in the coalition agreement, leftists, liberals, and greens eased conditions for migrants. Those who settled in Germany in 2020 will be able to apply for citizenship after only five years, in 2025. The treaty also removed other “barriers” to mass migration and simplified the possibility of reuniting migrant families. Now, however, the German government is preparing to adopt a comprehensive amnesty and change migration legislation, which will grant the right of residence to hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants. The changes are being prepared by Interior Minister Nancy Faeser of the Social Democratic Party, and the proposal is so extreme that, in addition to the Alternative for Germany, it is also being criticised by Angela Merkel’s former party, the Christian Democratic Union. These changes are supposed to allow foreigners who have been in the country for more than five years to reside permanently in Germany. Some critics of the left-wing German government recognise in its decisions the promotion of illegal mass migration. “It is worrying that the state is consciously encouraging illegal migration. The government clearly believes that there should be a state-approved smuggling route,” said Gottfried Curio of the Alternative for Germany party, adding that such a route would run from illegal entry into the country to permanent residence.

Integration failures

Integration into German society would also be a condition for residence. However, the experience of European societies with migrants tells us that integration is just an empty term used by left-wing politicians. One of the main attackers in the Islamist terrorist attacks in France in November 2015, Salah Abdeslam, who lived in Belgium, was, according to his neighbours, fully integrated; he dressed in western clothes, cheered for the local football team, and even had the Belgian flag in front of his home. Just as the German government unveiled its plan to amnesty tens of thousands of migrants, an Armenian migrant who was apparently “integrated” enough to receive German citizenship deliberately crashed his car into a group of schoolchildren in Berlin, whereby 12 of them landed in the hospital and their teacher died. Given the situation in large European cities, which are turning into multicultural septic tanks, we could say that integration is impossible, especially when it comes to mass migration or large groups of newcomers. The failure of integration was also seen in France at the end of May, when a match between Liverpool and Real Madrid took place at the National Football Stadium in Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris. The suburbs are home to migrants who have attacked and robbed Spanish and English fans en masse. Police had to expel the large groups of the Middle East and North African migrants, who caused disorder, with a tear gas, and the treatments with the tear gas also received innocent English fans.

A sharp response from Spanish conservatives

Due to the mentioned event, the leader of the Spanish national-conservative party Vox pointed out that it is high time for a stricter attitude towards migrants in the European Union. “We still have time to prevent the Spanish cities of Usera, El Puche or Salt from becoming like Saint-Denis. We need to secure borders, tighten police control, stop social support, and stop bowing to progressive inquisitors,” said Santiago Abascal. The Vox party also demanded that the incident be discussed in the plenary session of the European Union and that the EU finally do something about the so-called impassable areas and multicultural neighbourhoods.

Burying heads into the sand

The issue of mass migration is increasingly dividing Europe, but on the failure of integration and the problems caused by migrants, left-wing politicians are burying their heads in the sand or blaming Europeans for refusing to accept migrants because of prejudice. Imports of cheap labour and new voters from the third world are destroying Europe. The Social Democrats, however, are at the forefront of the march of decay and decadence we are witnessing. Migrants represent a new “lumpenproletariat” that has replaced the workers for whom the left was once supposed to fight. With a new government that favours cultural Marxists and mass migration, Slovenia does not expect anything good in the future. Although migrants go mainly to the “rich” countries of Western Europe, they would rather stay in Slovenia than return home if one day the western route is closed or because of the general confusion that is escalating in Western societies, this destination will not seem that attractive anymore.


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